Front Yard Demo and Back Yard Improvements

Last week, Tom and I put some major hours into our yard. We started out by digging up the bushes in the front yard and hauling the big ones out with a rope and Tom’s dad’s truck, which we had borrowed for the week and took full advantage of for yard work and hauling. That left a lovely patch of dirt in front of our little porch.  We plan to fill it in soon, and I’ll post pictures. For now, I just have a picture of the dirt.

Then we moved to the backyard. In the (almost) year that we have been in our home, we’ve seen how much our dogs love to spend time up on top of the hill in the backyard. But the problem is this: that hill is covered in juniper with patches of dirt showing. The dogs only made the Georgia red clay even more noticeable by ripping up juniper when we first moved in then by just running on the hill and wearing paths into it later on. We tried putting mulch on those bare spots last summer and were quickly frustrated by the fact that with time, rain, and dogs, the mulch got pushed down the hill. In the picture below, you can see some of the damage and one of the culprits.

This time around, we made plans to set up stone at the base of the hill as a retainer for the mulch. We bought a lot of mulch and stone. And I mean a lot: I went and picked up 1.19 tons of rubble ends. Tom and I had the pleasure of unloading it all off the truck. We stacked some of it at the bottom of the hill.

We also circled the tree in the front yard with stone to give it a look that was cohesive with the tree in our neighbors’ front yard. The first picture is from last fall, and the ones under it are from yesterday.

The next day, I made two trips to pick up 60 bags of mulch from Lowes. We spent that afternoon spreading mulch on the hill in the backyard. We also added mulch to the area around the tree in the front yard that we had surrounded with stone the day before.

Then, we put stone and mulch around some little crepe myrtles we got from my parents last year and planted on a hill on the side of the house. We share that hill with neighbors, so that would explain why half of it isn’t mowed.

After we have the area in front of the house filled with new plants, we will be putting mulch around it as well. Until then, we have ..a few..bags of mulch in our garage, along with some stone for future projects, like flower beds. I can’t wait until we have some color in the yard!

But that’s next. For now, I’m just hoping those twigs we’re calling crepe myrtles actually aren’t dead and that the mulch stays put on that hill.


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