Ode To Pollen

You hear that rain will wash the pollen away. Nope. It just washes it to wherever the rain goes. And that, for us, is a big puddle in one area of our yard. Then the rain evaporates and leaves the pollen clumped up on our fence and grass. Even the dirt is overpowered with the yellow, dusty allergens.

I hate what pollen does to me. I have outrageous allergies. And asthma. Lately, I’ve had the joy of an earache, a sore throat, headaches, and sleeping with a humidifier. Fun!

Being superbly blessed in the fine art of poetry, I took up the pen to capture my feelings. So, without further ado:

An Ode to Pollen

Pollen on the ground,
Pollen in the air,
Pollen on my car,
Pollen everywhere:

You’re a tiny, yellow particle
so small you can’t be seen.
You like to get into my nose,
And then you make me sneeze.

You give me sinus headaches;
You make my throat ache too.
You’ve irritated my eyes.
What’d I do to you?

I appreciate the work you do
On flowers, shrubs and trees,
But I’m literally sick of you.
You make me cough and wheeze.

Bravo to blooms! You’ve done your job
So if you please:
Pick up and hit the road, pollen,
I think it’s time you leave.

I know you probably had no idea I was so great at poetry, right? It was a hidden talent that I finally felt ready to share with the world. You’re welcome.

In all seriousness, Atlanta and it’s surrounding areas are basically coated in yellow nastiness right now. Ā I’m sick of allergy problems. Who’s with me?


9 thoughts on “Ode To Pollen”

  1. anyway you want to put it, poetry, prose or screaming it at the top of your lungs….


    Where can I go in this beautiful United States of America so I can avoid the effects of this evil substance?

    Thanks for sharing in our pain.

  2. Yeah pollen pretty much kicks my face every year. Especially torturous is the fact that I absolutely love shooting outside in the Spring. I can’t help myself once the flowers, bugs, my cats, and everything else comes outside. I pack my Zyrtec & Claritin and hope for the best but it’s hit or miss with the pollen count being somewhere in the thousands every year. I’m pseudo-dreading the trip I have planned to head to the ATL Bot. Gardens to shoot.

  3. Yikes! But you’re smart to get the allergy meds out. I just hate being drowsy or having to be on it all the time, so I’ve not been on it this year. Which is probably why I have a headache today.

    But your Atl. Bot. Gardens shots will be gorgeous! Please link me to the pictures if you put them online! =)

    We got married in the spring and had a lot of our pictures done in the botanical gardens behind our venue (not the Atl b. gardens). Oh man, I was nervous about allergies. But it rained like crazy the night before, and that morning. It stopped raining long enough to get pictures. Then it rained lightly during the ceremony. We had to do our reception indoors only. As much as I had wanted to do an indoor/outdoor reception, I have to admit that the rain helped a lot!

    1. HA thanks. I just wanted a silly way to talk about how much I hate pollen. Your pollen is pretty odd. It must be hard for the bees to carry something that big off!

  4. Ugggh. I hate pollen and you saw how bad I got when we went through my clothes. Unsettling all the dust from packing + pollen = insane sneezing, puffy eyes, and raw nose šŸ™

    But your little ode cracked me up šŸ™‚ I didn’t realize how many people suffer from it. One extra point for the Arizona move šŸ™‚

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