Friday Favorite: Headbands from Eideticandy

My friend, Alejandra, makes very cute hair accessories. She is getting married in Houston in May, going on a 3-week honeymoon to Spain (!!!), then she and her hubby are going to make a life in Phoenix, Arizona. Needless to say, she is packing! I went to Decatur to help her pack up the other day, and she gave me a couple of her super cute homemade headbands. I was so excited to get them, because it gives a little pop of color to my dark hair. I’ve been eying hair accessories for a while, and I’ve already worn them both since she gave them to me a week ago.

She also does hair accessories that aren’t attached to a headband. Here’s a picture of her wearing a white lace flower with a brooch at the center. (I totally stole this picture from her blog. She won’t mind.)

Aren’t they cute?? And the best part is, you can get some for yourselves! (Or your friends, wives, daughters…) Alejandra has a shop on etsy called Eideticandy. Hair accessories are really becoming huge in fashion again. I’ve seen similar hair accessories in stores for ten to fifteen more dollars than she charges, so if you want to save money and be part of the latest fashion trend, check out her store!

She also sells art (some of it has 100% proceeds going to Haiti relief efforts), and she’s a photographer. She kind of does it all!


11 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: Headbands from Eideticandy”

  1. Meghan!!!

    You are so sweet 🙂 And let me say, while I realize this is biased, you look SO good with those hair pieces!! I’m so glad you have them 🙂 I really appreciate the shout out. Uggh, I’m gonna miss having you around so close =

    p.s. we’re going to Phoenix tomorrow!! Updates will definitely happen when I get back 🙂 Love you! And thank you again!

    1. =) I’m happy to feature anything I really think is great, and your hair accessories are super cute. Thanks for being so generous to me in letting me have 2!

      I’m sad that you are moving far away as well, BUT maybe Tom and I can visit you in Phoenix. Can’t wait to hear about your trip! Good luck on finding a place to live!! =) love ya!

  2. I love Ale too!! I’ve been eyeing her hair accessories for a while now, she does such a good job and you look fantastic wearing them!

    Lets just all meet in Kansas sometime.

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