Because I’m Tired

I’m not doing a fabulous post today. I apologize in advance. I just spent the day (Wednesday) focused on our garden. At 9:20 PM, we just got finished doing the bed in front of our house, and we are tired. So, because I’m tired…I’m doing a post not on something that happened or a project or my thoughts on something. But on someone. Someone I don’t have to talk to in order to know stuff about.Me. (I told you it wouldn’t be a wonderful post. Sometimes the brain is tired and the ideas just aren’t there.)

So, here are 10 things about me you might not know:

1. I am exactly 5 feet and 2.75 inches tall.

2. I love all things cowboy. I have about 4 cowboy hats, and my cowboy boots are some of my favorite shoes.

3. I have a thing for animal prints. It’s not like I wear it every day, but I do love the way it can make something pop. And that’s why we have a zebra print style rug in our living room.

4. HGTV, Disney Channel, Animal Planet, and Food Network are some of my favorite channels on television.

5. I love action movies as much or more than I like romantic comedies and chick flicks.

6. My favorite things to buy are books, shoes, and paper products (stationary, cards, cute notepads, etc. I love it.)

7. I am the youngest of four kids. Also, my parents never meant to have four kids. hahahaha, God totally got them.

Yep. That's my dad, holding me in the nursery at the hospital the day I was born.

8. I am the one who wanted (and bought) the one power tool we own. And I wish we had more.

9. I avoid Target because that store carries so many cute things that I never knew I wanted until I saw them.

10. I absolutely love musicals. I would go to The Fox every week to see plays if I could afford it. Of course, while I’m dreaming, I would just go to Broadway.

Okay, those are 10 things you might not have known about me. Your turn! I want to know you better. Fill me in!


9 thoughts on “Because I’m Tired”

  1. Ok, I’ll just go off the ten you did.

    1. I am 6 feet, 2 inches tall.

    2. I love all things baseball. I am a Yankees fan, but also a fan of the game. I can just as easily watch a Single A game as a pro game as well. I love the sport and all of the history surrounding. Best moment was being at Game 6 of the 1996 World Series when the Yankees celebrated their first World Series title in 18 years.

    3. Not sure what to say here. I do like colors in the ‘Starbucks’ mold I guess. That’s about it really!

    4. We’re cancelling our television in a few weeks. We hardly watch anything (Other than HGTV and Food Network) and we have Netflix. The thing I will miss is watching sports, but I think I will go for the MLB.TV package so I can watch online.

    5. I like all kinds of movies (except musicals. More on that later). And much to the chagrin of my wife, I can watch movies over and over and over again.

    6. Favorite things to buy are electronic gadgets (naturally), photography gear (naturally though I have been abstaining and avoiding getting GAS – Gear Acquisition Syndrome) and that’s about it really.

    7. Just me and my younger brother. With the death of Mom in January and Dad this past Sunday, it’s really just me and my younger brother.

    8. I’ve found that the only power tool I’ve needed is a drill which I own.

    9. I like to go to Target. The fact that their items are more expensive makes it easier to browse and avoid giving into temptation. Unless you see those clearance items.

    10. I hate musicals. Loathe them. I refuse to watch no matter how good people say they are. I’ve never see ‘Chicago’ or ‘The Sound of Music’ or ‘My Fair Lady’ or ‘West Side Story’ or any others. I hated ‘Grease.’ The only ones I can stand are Disney cartoons and that’s different because it is a cartoon.

    There is ONE and ONLY ONE musical that I like. ‘The Blues Brothers.’ Now people laugh when I say this and attempt to claim the movie is NOT a musical. Why not? Musicals contain scenes where people spontaneously break into song and dance routines. That happens a number of times in “The Blues Brothers.’ So yes, it is a musical and the only one I will watch.

    1. Wow. You’re tall!

      I am going to invite you and your wife to a movie with us when we are in Atlanta then trick you into seeing a musical. At least go see Les Mis performed in a theatre. It’s awesome!

  2. Guess I’ll follow the trend:

    1. I am 5’9. I can’t wear heels around my dad because he gets offended. 🙂 He’s 5’9 too.

    2. I’m kind of a subdued colors/patterns person. I lean towards clean lines.

    3. Hah I don’t really like printed anything. :p Goes with above?

    4. I think the only thing I watch is Ghost Whisperer on ION television while I eat dinner. I also loved The Big Bang Theory & Drop Dead Diva but I only watched those on my computer.

    5. I mostly hate chick flicks but sometimes a romantic comedy is okay. Wedding Crashers had me cracking up. Action & Fantasy are my favs.

    6. My favorite things to buy are camera equipment, computer equipment, video games and cute jewelry. Also if you let me loose in Hobby Lobby I will -find- new hobbies to do. So far, I’ve done pottery, jewelry, card making, and clay sculpture. I stay out of there because I wind up spending $50 on average. It’s right next to work so sometimes it’s hard not to stop in.

    7. I’m the older of two kids. My brother is 16.

    8. I don’t own power tools. I have a screwdriver set. And a hammer and my yard-man/do-it-all-er. :p

    9. I can’t avoid Target because their home goods are AMAZING. I couldn’t help it and bought simple wall art for $20 each the other day. There’s one across the street from my office. I take the 50 I avoided spending at Hobby Lobby and spend it there since I barely ever regret it. 🙂

    10. I started going to Hawks games recently. I’ve never ever been to a musical but I’ve seen a couple on tv. Not really a fan of musicals though.

    1. Oh man, Hobby Lobby. I could live in Hobby Lobby and Target. Quite happily. I forgot to mention that my other fave thing to buy is decorative stuff. =)

      I would say camera equipment is a favorite to buy, but so far, we are too broke to buy any lenses or anything. haha

      And also, you’re a tall girl! =)

  3. 1. I catch up on my google reader blogs at work when I’m waiting for a huge file to send or render.

    2. I was the first person in my family to be born outside of the state of Mississippi in 6 generations.

    3. I love to sing. I would sing instead of talk if it were socially acceptable.

    4. I want to live on a farm someday.

    5. The most frustrating thing in my life has been having too many creative ideas in my crazy head, and not enough time to make them reality.

    6. I love to cook. I love getting creative with food and figuring out what to pair together to make the meal complete. In my next life I want to be a personal chef for someone famous.

    7. I have been to 48 states (many of them multiple times). Now that we’re on the West Coast, I’m working on getting those last two: Alaska and Hawaii.

    8. I’m a scavenger. I love going through thrift stores, craigslist, flea-markets and random roadside junk piles to find unique objects – clothing, homegoods, furniture, books, artwork, etc.

    9. I really don’t like the taste of water and I definitely don’t get my 8 glasses a day. However, I can chug an entire 8 glasses worth of milk (esp if it’s chocolate) and put away a liter of Mountain Dew, no problem.

    10. I’m a really good list maker, but not really vigilant about crossing off things that I’ve put on those lists.

    1. “The most frustrating thing in my life has been having too many creative ideas in my crazy head, and not enough time to make them reality.”

      I’m this way with projects on the computer =T.

  4. 1. I’m somewhere between 5’11 and 6′.

    2. I love all things classic rock. I sound like an old man, but music isn’t made the way that it used to be. Instead, it’s a manufactured product more than an art. I do believe that there are bands out there making honest music, but they don’t fit the music marketing machine so they don’t get signed. I also had a dream – like most teenage guys, I guess – of legitimately pursuing music in my own band. That didn’t last long, but I dug playing in front of an audience when I did.

    3. I like dark colors. Blacks, blues, and grays.

    4. I don’t really like TV that much (though I do love movies). I’m more about shows than channels – Smallville, Scrubs, The Office, and NCIS. Heroes was amazing for a season. X-Files will always be at the top, too. I compare every other sci-fi show to it so they basically always fail.

    5. I love all types, though chick-flicks take a little while for me to warm up to seeing. I also like horror movies but we definitely don’t get a chance to watch those together, huh? 😉

    6. My favorite things to buy are usually related to music and technology.

    7. I’m the middle of three; look more like my Dad, act more like my Mom.

    8. I enjoy yardwork and am looking forward to summer hours at work so I can spend several hours on a Friday outside just getting stuff done.

    9. I avoid spending too much time browsing Musicians Friend or various hardware sites. I don’t have a want for much and going to those will break that.

    10. I could listen to music all day, not be disturbed and be completely happy. I’ve become somewhat of a headphone snob, too. At work, I’m happiest with my Bose, my iPod, and my code. I sound pathetic but that’s cool.

    ..and I have no idea why I filled this out. You know me.

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