It’s the Little Things

I know that there are countless things we love about our friends, family, and significant others. There are big things that make them essential to our lives. But oftentimes, it’s the little things that I find matter the most. In the words of Good Charlotte, back when I was a teenager and they hadn’t yet sold out:

The little things, little things they just won’t go away

The littles things, little things made me who I am today

Here are some little things about my hubs that, were he to stop doing them, I find I would miss oh-so-much:

*Hearing him play the guitar. Tom is a great guitarist. He also knows way more about music than most people I know-both about music itself and about songs and bands. He really understands music and loves it. He’s played guitar since we were in middle school, and it’s always been one of his passions. I love when he brings his guitar into the kitchen while I cook …and, yes, we have little sing-alongs. And not just when I cook. I am not ashamed. I love rockin’ out with my husband.

*How much he loves sweet tea. I have to say, I make some darn good sweet tea (if you like it really sweet). And he always wants it with dinner, except on the weekends when we have soft drinks. I feel like, even if I couldn’t do anything else in the kitchen, I’d feel good knowing how much he loves my sweet tea. Every time we run out and I make a new pitcher full, I’ll hear the most satisfied sounding, “Oooh! YES!” when he sees it. I love that.

*He puts up with my “what if” questions. Tom does not exactly love the fact that I have a twisted, warped brain that means I need to know how he would react to all kinds of unlikely situations. For example I have covered numerous ways I might be killed, including a variety of murders, as well as all kinds of questions about our future kids, and he still answers my questions. But, usually, not without letting me know how stupid they are first.

* He is awesome with kids. Okay, that might not be a little thing, seeing as we plan to have kids someday. But it’s just awesome to know that he actually enjoys spending time with kids and babies. And he’s good with them. They love him. I’m pretty sure my niece would have hijacked my wedding and married Tom  herself if her mama would have let her. She settled for being the flower girl.

*He’s a goof. We both share a goofy sense of humor. And we get each other. I love that I can be totally stupid around him, and he’ll laugh. This also means that he gets that I break out in dance randomly, accepts that I sing parts of my sentences (or entire short sentences), and finds it amusing that I walk around, talk about what I’m dreaming, laugh and cry, occasionally attack his feet, and kiss him (that one only happened once) in my sleep. Even though he really prefers to sleep straight through the night, he manages to laugh about all my weird nighttime activities.

*He actually tells me what he’s thinking. I mean, not every minute. But some men just don’t discuss how they feel about a sermon, a conversation, or their day (or almost anything). Tom used to not share so much. I didn’t notice it at first because we were together all the time. He didn’t have to let me know what was going on because we were never apart. Then we went to separate colleges, and it drove me nuts. It was something we both had to work on. But now he’s an awesome communicator, and our relationship is all the better for it because I don’t have to guess what he’s been going through at work or how he feels about a given situation. He just tells me.

*He’s a geek. Which is great, because I’m a geek too. Between my bookworming and Tom’s computer skills and love of video games, our kids don’t stand a chance at avoiding the dweeb gene. (By the way, did you know that the official definition of dweeb is “mega-nerd?” I just learned that, despite using that word for years.) My favorite games to play on my phone are hangman and puzzle games. I love text-twist for a game to play online. His mom and I both subscribe to crossword magazines and love to do them together. He is okay with my geeky obsession with words. And puzzles.

* He loves to keep his car clean. And his desk. And everything else, too. As someone who isn’t naturally a neat-freak, being married to an almost OCD organization-lover has been all about meeting in the middle. But I really love that he appreciates organization. When I clean the house, he notices. He appreciates it. And he compliments it. It makes doing the same chores over and over again a much more cheerful prospect.

*He loves comic books. We both are fans of The Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes. Marrying him meant we have a pretty much full collection for the latter. It’s awesome.

*He listens to me when I ask him to change something about his outfit. It sometimes annoys him, but he does it anyway. I like that he trusts me. And I’ll even ask for his advice on my outfits sometimes for picking shoes or earrings or something (and actually take his advice, which he loves).

Okay, I could go on all night. I’m stopping because I don’t want to drive you all permanently away from my blog with my never ending list of reasons my husband rocks. Those are some (just a few!) of the little things that make Tom who he is to me. And the little things…they matter.

I would love to hear some of the little things about your significant other that you appreciate. Or some of the little things about you that you know your friends/spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend appreciates.

4 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things”

  1. I agree wholeheartedly, it is the little things that mean so much.

    I appreciate Davey’s affection, his appreciation when I do things for him that I wouldn’t do otherwise (like clean out the garage in the cold), and he’s pretty easy to please when it comes to food (which makes my cooking time whatever I want it to be). We both landed some pretty good nerds!

    1. We definitely did! =) The “easy to please in the kitchen” thing is especially nice. I am with you on that–I love being able to make whatever I want, pretty much every night! I know it will get eaten. Love that.

  2. We both are fans of The Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes.

    Ok, I am going to suggest that I officially adopt you and Tom as an honorary younger brother and sister. Calvin and Hobbes is my all time favorite comic strip. The Far Side is a close second.

    As for those little things.

    Sylvia doesn’t get upset that I like quoting movies. I’ m a HUGE movie buff and I can actually work movie quotes into every day conversation. While she’ll roll her eyes, it doesn’t upset her and silly things like that can grate on people, but not her.

    She’s got a wicked sense of humor. We both do and we enjoy needling each other.

    She’s not a geek but doesn’t mind that I am (other than to half-mockingly call me one from time to time). Although I do have her on Twitter and doing some other things so I am working on it.

    After not caring at first, she became a huge Lord of The Rings fan (what turned her was the special features on the extended DVD of ‘Fellowship.’ She started watching the making of particularly how the cast came together and then she wanted to watch the movie again). Now from time to time we have a LOTR marathon where we’ll watch all three of them throughout one day.

    So there’s a few…

    1. I am pretty sure that we’re willing to be adopted in that way! haha We could definitely join you for LOTR marathons…and Star Wars marathons…and Harry Potter marathons. hahahaha

      Man, a sense of humor. It’s one of those little things that can be a big dealbreaker. If someone doesn’t get your sense of humor… it can make the difference between a good time or an awkward one. It’s awesome that y’all get each other that way. =)

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