Let There Be Light

Tom and I love sunsets. And sunrises, though I tend not to get up that early anymore. It always amazes me to see the way the sky can look so different twice a day, every day.

The other night, I was putting plants into our window boxes, and I looked up. The sky was so pretty, and I called Tom out to see. I had to go get my camera too. It wasn’t the most amazing sunset I’d ever seen, but I loved seeing it anyway. It was still pretty. It wasn’t full of fiery oranges and pinks. What struck me more was the way the color of the clouds contrasted with the light. I decided not to touch these up, crop out my neighbor’s house, or enhance the colors. This is what the sky really looked like that evening.

It’s funny because when I see things like a sunrise or sunset…my heart feels closer to God. For me, it’s a blazing reminder that God loves us enough to give us beauty–free beauty–to enjoy in this world. And, if you know me well, this won’t surprise you, it makes me feel like singing. I just hear praises in my head…This is the one that came to mind when I saw this.

O Lord my God,

When I in awesome wonder

Consider all

The works Thy Hand hath made

I see the stars,

I hear the mighty thunder,

Thy pow’r throughout

The universe displayed;

Then sings my soul,

My Saviour God, to Thee,

How great Thou art!

How great Thou art!

Probably not everyone who reads this blog is a Christian. And some who read it are Christians, but they aren’t the kind of people who randomly feel the urge to sing praises when they see a sunset or when they hold a brand new baby or when they look up at night and see stars all over the sky. I know that to some people that this post will even seem a bit cheesy. That’s cool. I’m just built a little differently.


18 thoughts on “Let There Be Light”

  1. Georgia has fantastic sunsets. I just posted phonecam pics yesterday of the sunset I hit on the drive home. I’m currently trying to figure out how to get on my roof (of my 35+ foot house haha) so I can catch the sunsets. They’re almost always spectacular. The sunsets we get in this state are also one of the reasons I’m pining for a 10-22mm or something.

    God’s a pretty cool guy when it comes to being creative huh? 🙂

    1. I saw those. They were so pretty. I used to climb through a window onto the roof when I was little at my friend’s house. Don’t tell my parents. haha Do you have a second story window?

      And yeah, I gotta say God’s a pretty cool creative. =)

      1. I live in a tall townhome so I’ve got a 3rd story window. I’m afraid I’ll fall and die but my curiosity is getting the better of me . My bf’s a mechanical engineer so he’s coming over to check out how we can make produce a structure to help me get to my roof safely and back from my bedroom window.

        Don’t tell my parents either. They would simply die.

  2. Driving through the Arizona desert has to have the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen in my life. Although, the California beach sunset is pretty nice too.

    I don’t bust into song (because I’m an awful singer) but I always like to find the right music/song to fit that mood though.

    1. Nice. I definitely think that music can set a mood or help express a mood or feeling. I wish so badly that I could see what y’all have seen on this journey! So glad y’all have a great camera to document it all!

    1. Okay. You are now my flickr friend.

      I wind up in Florida fairly regularly. What I totally love is that you catch the sunrise in Jacksonville and be in Clearwater for the sunset. 🙂

      Great shots!

      1. Yeah. We live about 10 minutes away. That beach has what is known as coquina sand which is a mixture of sand and crushed shells. You practically have to scrape some of it off the way it sticks.

        But, all it takes is another 10 minutes to drive to where the sand is white and you can drive right on.

        You and Tom are welcome to come down any time and stay with us.

        1. Be careful. We might show up one day. =) Beaches are my favorite places on earth. I know the coquina sand you’re referring to…and you’re right. It does stick. Annoyingly so. haha

  3. I’m on board for the “burst into song revolution”. When my sweet pork tenderloin comes out nice, juicy and tender, I’ll erupt into the Hallelujah Chorus. When Jazz learns a new trick I’ll bust out a round or two of B-I-N-G-O. When we go to the beach and I find dozens of completely unbroken and perfect sand dollars, I’ll start with My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean.

    Or something like that. Perhaps I need an updated songlist, but still, I’m all for it.

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