Friday Favorite: La Ti Da

On this Friday Favorite, I’m going to focus on my favorite store in Suwanee, La Ti Da. It is my go-to store for cute gifts. And…well, ya know….for things I want for myself. Every now and then. And it’s also where I got my giveaway item (keep reading)!

La Ti Da is a boutique-style store that carries a wide variety of items.

They have super cute baby gifts.

And gifts for kids.

They also have gifts for grown-ups…

Cute things in black and white

Or if you want to unwind with a drink

Or get some new Vera Bradley (hopefully, only if you’re female).

They have funny and inspirational books.

They have Game Day items…and they don’t even discriminate.

They’ve got aprons that I want but didn’t photograph for some reason. I really want them. Actually they have a lot of fun home decor items as well as things for the kitchen. Below are just a few.

I definitely stand in the store reading things and laughing to myself…by myself…every time I go in. And I definitely gave this decorative dishtowel on the right to a friend for her birthday. It fit her and her hubby so well.

Oh, and they have funny napkins and cute paper plates for parties.

And, speaking of paper…be still my heart. They have invitations, stamps you can personalize, stationery, cute pads of paper, address books, and more. I was in paper product heaven. They even have a table where you can sit down and look through the invitations (especially if you’re picking wedding invitations).

They have a sale section, that’s actually filled with great stuff.

Here’s the cute little canopied entrance, with a few more sale items out front.

And they do complimentary gift wrap. I know, because I buy most my gifts there.

And I bought one for one of you.

This little bird is so sweet, it’s kinda hard to part with it.

Even it’s little bum has a flower on it.

If you don’t think that this bird is quite your style…or you’re a dude, guess what? There’s probably someone in your life who would love to take it off your hands. So win it for them! And mother’s day is coming up. I’m just sayin’. You could give mom something you won, something cute, and something that cost you nothing!

Here’s how you win. Leave me a comment telling me who would end up with that bird if you were to win it and why. If it were me commenting, I would definitely say me. I wouldn’t give this away except that I love you guys so much. And why?  Because I love the colors and the flowers on it, and how happy it makes me when I see it. But if you win it, I want to know who will get it (including if it’s you) and why. Just curious.

To be entered a second time (or third if you do both), copy and paste this into twitter and/or your facebook status:

Tell @meghanmcfarlin that I should win the giveaway at

You can enter until Sunday at 7pm. Winner will be announced Monday!


17 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: La Ti Da”

  1. Meghan,

    I would love to win the cute little birdie. I am selfish, so I would keep it for me. It’s so cute and spring-y I don’t think I could give it away. Unless my mom loved it, then I’d gladly give it to her!

    Love the giveaway!

  2. Those cute, very-american stores are always fun to look through. There’s a store in Roswell called The Painted Monkey which is similar ( but they serve up vintage goods ). Since your taste leans towards things like that bird, what do you think of art by Jim Shore? Like the following?:

    1. Ha! I love your description of it being a “Very American” store. I agree and actually kind of thought of it as a very Southern store. I could be wrong, but I think Southerners tend to lean towards monograms (everything in that store has a letter on it or can be monogrammed, it seems), Vera Bradley, and sayings all about why the South/Southerners is/are great. haha

      As for the ducks by Jim Shore…I gotta say they actually aren’t my style. I liked the little bird because it’s kind of whimsical and cute. I don’t deny that the Jim Shore piece has definite artistry (it looks carved from wood? wow, that would be tough), but it’s just not my thing, especially with the checkered pattern, for some reason. I don’t know.

      But I definitely have to check out The Painted Monkey. I love vintage stuff, so I can’t wait to see it. Maybe it will be featured on here as well. So are you interested in winning the bird, or is not your style? Or rather, if you won it, would you keep it or give it to someone? And whom? And why? I love hearing about people’s personal tastes.

      1. Yeah Jim Shore is definitely not my style. My mom likes it though. The bird just reminded me of him. If I won, the bird would likely make it’s way into her Mother’s Day package and wind up in her garden since it looks like it’s weather sealed.

        1. Whew ok. I was worried I was going to offend you. I actually don’t have any little animal decorations (that I can think of, anyway) myself. I just thought the one for the giveaway would be cute on top of a stack of books or as a paperweight or even as a Spring decoration.

  3. Such a cute store! Wish I was closer so I could visit.

    I’d totally keep the bird for myself, anything with trees or birds gets kept at our house. I just finished re-decorating our bedroom with a bird and nest theme which will probably carry over into our guestroom (if I ever get to it), so this little birdy would have plenty of places to fit in at our house.

    I love the giveaway!

    1. Nice! I’m loving all the nest art that I’m seeing these days. Glad you like the giveaway! I’m planning to do more in the future when I feature shops.

  4. I leave town and you turn all professional blogger on me! 🙂 That store looks awesome. There is one like it in Vinings that I would always drag Justin to go look at with me. I’m not entering the give-away bc we don’t have a place to put it with all the moving, but it will find some happy home with one of the other ladies!

    1. haha, The better to keep up with you, my dear! =) I’ll try to do giveaways of giftcards or wearable items at some point so that you can enter, too! When you come back, you’ll have to go to La Ti Da with me.

  5. Ahh! So much catching up to do! You, my friend, are a strong woman for giving this one away. That birdy is beautiful! I’d keep it for myself as a reminder of you and Atlanta at my soon to be new home — Arizona! p.s. We finally picked 🙂

  6. That bird is so cute! I think I would give it as a gift to one of my daughters for her birthday! It’s just her style:)

  7. Meghan,
    We have a store like that over in Washington on the square. It’s called “Bee Southern” It’s one of my favorite stores. You should come over and shop with me soon! I love you, Mimi

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