Friday Favorite: Funny Animal Videos

I used to work with animals at Zoo Atlanta, but one large mammal that I didn’t interact with any more than the visitors was the panda. The latest I heard was that two baby pandas have been born to the same panda mama at that zoo. Only one had been born when I worked there. Here’s a picture I took back then with my point’n’shoot of the sweet little baby panda .

Around that same time, I came across this video. I still love it, to this day. That poor panda mama was so caught off guard with the magnitude of her baby’s sneeze. See for yourself.

Do you have a funny animal video that you like? If so, link me up in the comments!

Happy Friday!


6 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: Funny Animal Videos”

    1. Funny! That dog looks like he thinks the cat is a little dog to play with. The way he’s lunging towards the cat is what Sam and Liam do when they want the other one to wrestle with them.

  1. Haha. Seriously, Meghan, the things you come up with to blog about! You are so random, it cracks me up 🙂 Love you!

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