One Year, One Day Ago

A year and one day ago (or, one year ago, yesterday), I stabbed myself in the hand. It was awful. Then I went into surgery a few days later to reconnect the radial digit nerve that I severed and to look around my thumb to make sure no more serious damage was done. Two weeks after that, I started physical therapy. Two months of physical therapy later, I could move my thumb again, and I could even pick up some things. When I went to see the surgeon for my last check up, he was really pleased. I could feel the pricks on my thumb, and I could squeeze with enough pressure to be considered normal.

One year later, Tom and I are shocked and pleased to find I’ve gone not just six months, but an entire year without a hospital visit. A new record for our marriage. I had to share it.

As for the thumb, well, it’s got a scar that’s barely visible. People don’t usually notice it unless I show it to them. There’s a little scar tissue under it, but the physical therapy really helped reduce the mass of scar tissue that was initially there. (I found out that I loved scar massages. I didn’t expect that.)

Here is a cropped in shot of my shiny little scar.

It’s right under my left thumb.

Not too noticeable anymore, right?

The only times that my thumb really irritates me is when something sharp scrapes against my scar, when something hits my scar hard, like catching a tennis ball that was thrown hard, or when I do a pull up and the skin there twists a bit.

As for the feeling, well, it’s not completely like before, but it’s pretty good considering what I did to my nerve. You know how when you have a foot fall asleep, you can feel the ground under you, but the feeling is a bit distorted by the zingy feeling? It’s kind of like that with the outside of my thumb. I can feel things and can sense heat and cold again, but I get almost an explosion of sensation when I run a fingernail up the outside of my thumb in addition to just feeling my thumbnail. It doesn’t hurt, but it is just a bit more sensation than it used to be.

Overall, I’m really grateful to have had the surgeon I had and the physical therapist I had. Without them, my thumb might not even be strong enough to hold anything and too sensitive to even touch to somethings, like scratchy or abrasive materials.

Also, I’m just really pleased that I’ve gone an entire year without needing to be knocked out, probed, sliced, and sewn up again.


ps-Tom so graciously took these pictures of my gimp hand. Thanks, Tricky T!

12 thoughts on “One Year, One Day Ago”

  1. This is a big deal. Seriously. I don’t think people really understand the amount of time we spent in medical facilities during our first year of marriage..

    Huge. Huge ;).

    1. Yeah we’re looking forward to it too. Hold on. Wait…You aren’t going to stab me in the hand are you? That’s not what you meant, right? RIGHT? haha

  2. If I believed in karma, I would say it was payback for all that goofing off you did as evidenced by those images from yesterday’s post.

    Of course, since I don’t believe in karma, I’ll just be satisfied blaming it on Tom. 🙂

    1. Thank you! =) I’m quite proud of myself for surviving a year so far. I guess it’s true that I’m stronger in some ways, but my thumb is definitely not stronger than it once was. haha I think it’s more of a “I got stabbed in the hand and wasn’t allowed to come to work for over 2 months, and I made it (thanks to Tom). We’ll keep making it.” thing for me. 😉

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