Not Yo Mama’s Superlatives

You know how superlatives are supposed to be nice? And they’re also supposed to be applied towards humans? Usually the ones that are graduating from high school?

Yeah, that’s not this post. This post is superlatives for our pups. Tom and I were laughing about which of them was most likely to do certain things the other day, and I decided to put that memory down in blog post form. Not all of them are great things either.

Sam is most likely to…

*Wake you up in the middle of the night for a potty break.

*Be picked up, since she’s so light.

*Beg for human food and steal it if she has the chance.

*Give you a fist bump.

*Go upstairs to go to bed early in the evening.

*Sneak into the guest bedroom to sleep on the bed.

*Be terrified of little kids.

*Favor grown men.

*Roll over for a belly rub.

*Bark if she hears noise in the neighborhood.

*Be afraid of storms.

*Steal your socks.

*Climb into your lap while you’re at the computer.

*Sleep on her back in the sunshine.

Liam is most likely to...

*Want to sleep on the bed next to you (and get on the bed when Tom’s not around).

*Need to know where every person and dog in the house or yard is at all times.

*Want to play with a toy, especially green ball.

*Sneak onto the couch to sleep.

*Give you a high five.

*Drag their doggy bed around the living room or even up the stairs.

*Chew on pillowcases.

*Get scared when his mom cooks bacon or chops anything with a knife.

*Bark or whine until you give him your attention.

*Do tricks for a treat.

*Steal rawhide from Sam.

*Be tuned in to his mom (if I am sick or hurt or upset, he knows it and comes to lie next to me or lick my face).

*Hate the rain so much that he will act like he doesn’t have to use the bathroom when he really needs to go so he can stay inside.

So, what about you? What is your dog or cat (or other animal… or husband šŸ˜‰ ) most likely to do?


(Photo of Sam courtesy of Tom.)
(Idea of doing superlatives somewhat inspired by a post Jennifer Smith did on the Smith’s blog a while back.)

7 thoughts on “Not Yo Mama’s Superlatives”

  1. I have three cats and they’re all so different.

    One of them cannot handle the smell of Chef Boyardee. If it’s in the microwave, it will drive her absolutely batty until I give her some. I don’t think I’ve had Chef Boyardee in months because of this.

    Sometimes the fat one gets overenthusiastic with the scratching post, Hulk Smashes it and gets really upset when it falls over.

    Two of the cats are older females, and one is a young male. He’ll wait til the oldies are sleeping and then slowly stalk them until he pounces on their face. He won’t do this when I’m around so I’ll either hear a shrill scream from one or two floors up or down.

    When the male cat is sad he doesn’t meow. He makes this really wierd cry that sounds like “baughhh baughhh” and it cracks me up, upsetting him more.

    Scratching the smaller female will result in snakey motion on the ground for a few minutes after.

    The older female has a special spot on her back near her tail that if you scratch/rub will make her uncontrollably lick the closest thing. You, herself, or a lot of the time just the air which makes it hilarious.

    1. HILARIOUS. Oh my gosh when I read about the hulk smashing of the scratching post, the snaking along the floor, the boy pouncing on the girls’ faces, and the older female licking the air, I just couldn’t help but laugh out loud. I love cats. I know a lot of people hate them, but the ones I had growing up were always so full of personality, and it sounds like yours are too.

  2. I could write a book about our furry kiddos, but I will limit myself to highlights here:
    Rini, our cat, is most likely to…
    * Start a fight
    * Say “hawwwowwww” (hello) out the sliding glass door
    * Leave the house without permission
    * Suffocate me in my sleep by laying on my face
    * Play the “poor cat who’s being annoyed by a puppy” so he can be picked up

    Jazz, our dog, is most likely to…
    * Reach opera-etic heights when he yawns
    * Bark at absolutely nothing because he doesn’t know what it is (umm…its NOTHING. srsly)
    * Put his head in your lap so he can get “pity pats”
    * Run nose-first into our chain-link fence
    * Fall asleep in the hallway where he is in our way, perfectly, for the rest of the night

  3. Max is most likely to…

    – escape into Tower Grove Park across the street from our house
    – get caught while escaping into the park because he has a weakness for raw chicken breasts
    – chew up ANYTHING that smells or tastes like baby stuff
    – grin
    – try to take the head off the mail lady or the UPS guy…and then make friends with them 5 seconds later
    – sit in your lap when you are on the couch
    – smell like poop (yes, even more than the baby)
    – steal food off the counter in the kitchen…and then hide the evidence behind the trash can
    – snuggle with you
    – ring the bell on the back door
    – give you some doggy luvin

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