This Is Why We’re Hot (For Each Other)

Tom and I have a big day coming up this week. Wednesday is that day, and on that day, the reason it is a big deal will be revealed. Until then, please just know that this week will be focusing on stuff about us. I just heard a collective sigh. Put the tomatoes down, people. If you throw them at my website, it will only mess up your computer. I promise to put things in this week to make it worth it.

Here’s the line up:

Monday-This post. Obviously.

Tuesday-Interview with Tom (so all you peeps who miss Don’t miss Tuesday’s post!)

Wednesday-Why this week is all about us. Here’s a hint: It’s NOT that we’re pregnant. I repeat: WE ARE NOT PREGNANT. (That I know of.) Sorry girls. I know that’s what you were thinking. I also know I shouldn’t have taken 2 months off of working out. I started back last week.

Thursday– We will pick a note we wrote each other in class in high school (Not that we ever, EVER did that Mom…Those two boxes full of notes we have were all written before, after, or between classes, never during….and umm….oh, forget it. We wrote many notes during boring classes but still made A’s. Life goes on. ) Then we will scan the note and post it so that you can all join us in laughing at how ridiculous we were.

Friday– Friday Favorite.

Okay. So, now that you know what’s coming up, THIS is why we’re hot. For each other.

I’m sorry. I had to do it.

Our friend, Jay, took that photo. More on that later.


18 thoughts on “This Is Why We’re Hot (For Each Other)”

  1. Yep, I miss morethanuseless.

    I don’t believe I knew that you were high school sweethearts. Tom may have told me, but we men are forgetful. My wife and I also started dating in high school.

    I actually have no guesses. Hmmm

    1. Aww, I miss reading MTU as well. That’s cool that your wife and you are also high school sweethearts! Not many make it. It’s always fun for us to hear of others who did.

  2. You shouldn’t have said you weren’t pregnant so you can watch all the speculation in the comments. I’m sure there would have been baby names picked by the time you announced it was something else. :p

    1. Yeah, I thought about leaving it like that, but then I realized that if it wasn’t a baby, it would be a huge letdown instead of us having fun saying why that day matters to us. šŸ˜‰

  3. Someday, can I be the Friday Favorite? I could be your favorite sister! Or your favorite female older than 11 weeks of age who lives in St. Louis! Or your favorite person who is married to someone named James and has a dog named Max! Or your favorite person who looks fat in a bathing suit! Or your favorite person who doesn’t know how to dress cool and put on makeup very well! Or your favorite person with a really messy basement! Or your favorite….well, you get the picture.

    1. You are one of my favorites! But I usually try to feature things that people can buy or use. I don’t want you to get used. Or bought. šŸ˜‰ lol

      And also, you don’t look fat in a swimming suit!

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