Entrevista Con Mi Esposo, Tomas.

I just had to throw in another picture that our friend, Jay, took. Again, more on that later.

Interview with my hubs, Tom. Here ’tis.

When did you first know you loved me? “These are hard. I didn’t know it would be like this. THAT’s what you’re gonna write?! I love it. Umm…Probably when I realized that days were better with you than without you.” (Aww!)

If you could change one thing about me, what would it be? (shakes head) This is the most loaded question ever. (Checks phone. Fiddles with laptop. Clearly stalling.) I’m thinking. I’m trying to think how to word this because you’ll type it. Probably your distorted view of yourself. And you can’t change that answer. You can’t put an aside. Otherwise, I’m gonna quit.”

What about yourself? (Looks at me strangely.) “What about myself? (me laughing and typing.) What? Oh, what would I change about myself. Umm..my, um, compulsive behavior seems to be getting worse with age.”

What is one food you think I could not live without? “Chips.” (Me: “That was easy.”) “You made that easy.”

And what food could you not live without? (Thinking…Thinking…) “Probably Cinnamon Toast Crunch.”

Why do I love food so much? “Because it keeps you from being bored. That’s what you do when you’re bored.” (Huh. I did not know he thought that. But he’s probably right.)

What is your favorite nickname I have for our dogs? “Baby Boo Boos is NOT a favorite. I don’t like any of your nicknames for them.”

If you were born in another time, what time do you think you would best fit it? “The late ’60s, Early ’70s.”

What time would I best fit in? “2120.” (Me: “WHAT?!” Tom: Laughter) “Umm..probably somewhere in the Antebellum times in the South. Just because you’re very much…Southern. And I think you’d get your kicks out of riding horses and talking with your Southern accent.” (I do like riding horses. And I do have an accent, or so I’m told.)

If we moved to another country where would we go? “Lebanon.” (Me: No, we wouldn’t. Tom: laughter) “Jamaica.” (Now he’s talkin’. =) )

If you had to be one character from any movie, but it can’t be Obi-Wan from Star Wars, because I know you’ll choose him, who would you be and why? “Clark Kent because he’s freaking Superman.”

And who should I be? “Dobby.” (Me: “That is so mean!” Tom: Laughter) “Not someone who’s the strong, silent type.” (Big grin from him. He’s enjoying all these chances to poke fun at me.) “It might be Arwen from Lord of the Rings. Because I think you’d make that sacrifice for the people that are closest to you.”

If you could have one chore that you’d never have to do again, what would it be? “DISHES.” (He says as he’s doing dishes.)

If you could never need to do one thing for your body again, what would it be? “I would like to require less sleep so I could have more time to do things.”

Which leads me to my next question. What is more important to you having a good day: coffee or a good night’s sleep? “Dude. They’re compliments. That’s like asking a bird whether he needs his left wing or his right wing to fly.”

Do you regret marrying someone who constantly interrupts your sleep with talking, walking, moving around, singing, humming, laughing, and sometimes even crying in her sleep? (Big pause) “I don’t regret it. I didn’t expect it.”

Do you wish this interview was over? “It’s gettin’ a little long.”

The end.

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to leave Tom more questions in the comments. We will both be available for answering !

17 thoughts on “Entrevista Con Mi Esposo, Tomas.”

  1. Umm..my, um, compulsive behavior seems to be getting worse with age.”

    Dude, that’s scary. You’re only 25.

    You know what that means Meghan? It means in 15 years you’ll be married to Jack Nicholson’s character from ‘As Good As It Gets.’

      1. That’s likely gonna happen, but it’s gonna be a while. I’m working on several big projects outside of the 9-to-5 right now.

        Honestly, when it does happen, the content will probably be a little different and less scheduled but we’ll see.

    1. 1. Yeah, I am. It wasn’t always easy but it was good for us.
      2. Plentiful and delicious. But seriously, with cream and sugar.

      1. He likes hazlenut coffee in the fall and some of the winter with hazlenut creamer. And the rest of the time, French Vanilla creamer is a favorite with french vanilla coffee beans, though he’ll try different types. And he also likes to get whole bean and grind it himself, usually. He uses either regular sugar or organic sugar (Florida Crystals) to sweeten it.

        That’s the “wife” answer.

    2. I agree with Tom. I’m glad too. It helped us become better communicators. Also, it made us (and everyone else) know for sure that we weren’t just staying together because it was easy or because we were always just together. It was tough at times, especially our freshman year. But it was worth it.

      Also, I really liked that we felt free to be involved with different groups, to hang out with our friends whenever we wanted to, and to be totally immersed in studies when we needed to be. Sometimes when you’re at the same school, you just make plans to be together all the time, and that didn’t happen to us. We set aside weekends to see each other (and hang out with friends. and study.) and did phone calls and texting during the week.

  2. What schools did you go to? My wife went to Berry and I went to Georgia State. Which is probably why we have a box of notes/cards like y’all have. (When I was your age we didn’t have this thing called email)

    You youngsters and your happy marriages. Just wait till you have two girls who destroy your house with their pink and princess stuff. 🙂

    By the way, we had cats before kids. Still have the cats if anyone wants them.

    1. Meghan went to the University of Georgia and I went to Georgia Tech.

      I will say that texting and emails definitely make the distance feel shorter (especially when Meghan was studyin’ abroad in Costa Rica).

        1. I follow Tech football in the fall but that’s really it. I used to be a huge Braves fan, but got out of that once there was little to cheer for (years ago, that is).

          Honestly, I’m much more into music. Truth be told, I’d choose jamming on a guitar for nine innings (or four quarters or whatever unit you wanna go with) over any sport.

  3. I’ve got a few questions for Mr. Tom:

    1) Favorite quote from Star Wars?
    2) Favorite quote from Anna Kate?
    3) Favorite quote from Meghan?

    1. These are tough (since there are so many). Here’s what comes to mind:

      Star Wars.
      Who’s more foolish: the fool or the fool who follows him?

      Anna Kate.
      Tough to say. The last few times I’ve seen her, she’s spent more time simply screaming or yelling about something which is funny, but hard to quote.

      Sometime ago, she and Ben got into this argument in which he said:
      Ben: You talk a lot of crap for being such a little girl.
      Meghan: That’s because I can back it up!

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