So, I was supposed to scan in a note Tom and I wrote back and forth in high school today. Turns out we don’t have a lot of them. I have a LOT of notes. But it appears that I only have notes that Tom wrote to me. Apparently he had the others and….well…we aren’t sure they survived. After reading some of the notes I have, we know why they might have been tossed eventually. (We aren’t really sure what happened to them. Maybe I just wrote less notes.)

These notes are PAINFUL to read. ย Painful, people. Even though they are sweet treasures from our past, we were simultaneously laughing our heads off and cringing as we dug through them. We found lyrics to songs we made up (oh yes, I just said that) when Tom had a dream of being a rockstar, page-long poems, an IM message Tom left me, letters, emails, notes, and more. I managed to fit A LOT of notes into that shoe box. The shoebox that I “decorated” back then. Oh my.

Did I say “decorate?” I meant I slapped it with construction paper and leftovers from my science fair letters. This is just sad, my friends.

We found something that didn’t seem too embarrassing to share…just a normal little note that Tom passed me our senior year. I know because the Dr. Bailey he refers to taught us AP Physics. And look! There’s a guitar pick on it that I had saved from high school.

It says:

“Listen, right when the bell

rings I need to talk to Dr. Bailey,

but it won’t take long…..

will you wait by the lockers for me?

Love Always, Tom”

We really couldn’t bring ourselves to put any of the others online. Tom kept saying it was painful for him. Then he said he had handled a lot of ribbing online, but what these notes would bring was probably more than he could deal with. And I had to agree. That should give you some idea of how lovey-dovey, over-the-top, sweet these notes were. I treasure them. But they will just remain MY treasure. ๐Ÿ˜‰

But there was something pretty funny. When we flipped over the lid, I found some things taped on the underside.

Are you paying attention? Look closer.

Hey! I remember seeing that movie! Last night! It was awesome. ๐Ÿ˜‰


6 thoughts on “Noteworthy”

  1. I love that.

    We have notes from back in high school too. I would never post them on the internet for fear of shame. :p

    And e-mails. And cutouts. And ticket stubs. And huge IM logs. :p

    This year he gathered all his notes I’d sent him in high school and made a scrapbook of them and gave it to me as part of my housewarming gift. ๐Ÿ™‚ I still pull it out and reminisce and feel happy.

    High School us definitely beat current us on cheesiness. :p

    1. That is so sweet! I love that he did that for you. I’d like to look for the notes I wrote him to see if we have them somewhere. It seems weird that he would throw them out, and he doesn’t remember doing that. If we find them, maybe I’ll do something like that for us. Awesome idea! +1000000000 points to him!

  2. You’ve been talking about Titans all week and it just struck me that my brother did casting for that movie.

    Again, we’ve got cheese too. I wonder when our girls will stumble upon the boxes of notes that we have? It will be incredible to tell them stories and let them see how our love started when they grow up.

  3. It was probably a good idea that you didn’t post those. We can give be pretty harsh on Tricky T. I know I’d hate to have my HS notes made public. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Yeah, I think it would be a little more teasing than he’d want to handle considering how embarrassed he was just reading the notes in our house. haha

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