Friday Favorite: Where My Tweeps At?

Last Friday night, Tom and I met up with some tweeps. (That means people we were friends with via twitter and had never met in person.) All of them promptly tweeted that we were meeting up and that it was going “from tweeps to peeps.” Some of them added FTW to that. (That means “For The Win” for those of you who didn’t know.)

I gotta say, it really was a win. Last year, when Tom started, he got quite a following. Of those followers, there was a core group that was really good about commenting, and they kind of became a little community of chatterers. I enjoyed getting to know these people via his blog, and most of us began to follow each other on twitter or checking in on each others blogs. Or both.

So when Tom brought his MTU posts to an end, this group didn’t fizzle out. We still check in with each other via blogs and/or twitter. Tom has met in person many of the guys (it’s called a tweet up instead of a meet up. Fun!) who he would never have known had they not followed his blog and connected there and on twitter.

So when some of our online friends said they were coming up to Georgia, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get together.  Jay and Sylvia Caruso met up with us and some of their other Georgia friends on Friday to eat dinner and get coffee. We had a blast hanging out with them. Some other internet-to-real-life friends, Jared and Eryn Erickson came by to hang out as well. It was great to just get to spend time with these people and laugh, laugh, laugh as we did.

But that wasn’t it. Jay does photography in Florida, where he lives. He and Tom bartered trades, so we ended up having a photoshoot with Jay Saturday morning. It was so much fun. We felt like we’d known Jay for a long time, and we kind of had. So we were really relaxed and our usual goofy selves.

Jay was actually in town to shoot a wedding (that Eryn was a bridesmaid in, small world) with Stephen Hunton, another great photographer, in the Atlanta area. I’m sure that Jay enjoyed being in air conditioning with normal people for the wedding, since he’d already dealt with the sweltering Georgia heat in the morning while trying to capture a normal shot of people who look like this.

I can’t wait to see all the shots he took. Even though I most likely drove him nuts with all my narcissistic  “Oh, Tom, put your arm around me so the camera won’t get my flabby arms” and “Ack, I have GOT to lose this extra weight” the whole time (though it’s all true), he was very kind, and funny, and he was fun to be around. Even though we dragged him into what is practically a marsh so that I could get shots in something that looked like a field.

And in spite of us not knowing exactly which road to take and missing it the first time when we were trying to find the railroad tracks. (Pardon my massive shoulders in the picture above. P90X has still left some traces on my body, apparently. I just wish it was my abs.)

He never got irritated or anything.

If you live in Florida, hire Jay. You won’t regret it. And you’ll have lots of fun pictures! And you’ll have lots of fun getting your picture taken!

Tweeps to Peeps, baby. It’s awesome.


5 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: Where My Tweeps At?”

  1. Thanks for the plug Meghan. I had a blast! Sylvia and I had a great time. We’re looking forward to the next visit. Of course, you guys are welcome at our place any time.

    1. Of course! And thanks! If we head to your area of Florida, we’ll definitely give y’all a call. We had so much fun and can’t wait to get the rest of the photos. Thanks for taking the time to do that! =)

  2. I’m eager to see ’em all, though I gotta say that my favorite – at least this far – is the one of my hovering in the field and Meghan lookin’ none-to-pleased about it.

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