Our Disastrous Day with Delta

Okay…”Disastrous” might be a bit strong. But it was not a fun day.

On Friday, Tom and I were flying from Atlanta to Houston to meet up with friends for a wedding. Tom and I were both in the wedding, and he was supposed to meet the guys for the bachelor party for Jose that night. Tom had planned the party and was looking forward to hanging out with all the guys.

We woke up at 6:30AM because there was a pretty bad storm in Georgia, and the dogs are scared of thunder and lightening. We got up, got ready, and took them to the kennel. Then my mom drove us to the airport. We arrived around 11AM, and we went to ask at the counter about our tickets. We bought them back in January, using Tom’s skymiles account. On the morning of the flight, we had printed them out, and they both printed with his name on it. We asked the man at the counter to let us know if it mattered, and if so, could he please change the name and print me a new ticket.

Apparently it is the end of the world if this happens. He said, “Oh, it’s a BIG problem. A BIG problem.” And he just kept going on about what a problem it was no matter what we said. FINALLY he said he would call Delta.com to see if they could help. I said, “That would be GREAT. Thanks.” And I noticed he was a little nicer after that. So every time he made headway, I would tell him how awesome he was and how much we appreciated his help. Apparently a little ego boost was all he needed, because not long after that, I had a new ticket printed for my flight and my tickets for the return flights fixed as well.

We were ready for lunch, so we went to concourse A to get some Chic-Fil-A, then we headed to Concourse T to wait on our flight. After about an hour, they said that it was being pushed from 1:55PM to 3:00PM. Okay, that stunk but no biggie. Just an hour.

A half hour later, they pushed it to 3:45. Then to 5:00. Around this time I decided I needed to get some chocolate from the shop near our gate. I was dangerously close to a bad mood, and I thought a little chocolate-induced endorphin rise was called for. Then they pushed it to 5:50. Then we were told to go to Gate A15.

At Gate A15, we were told it was pushed to 7:00.  We knew then that we would be getting to our hotel late and that Tom would miss hanging out with the guys. At this point, everyone on our flight was over the whole situation. We all pretty much wanted to know why this was happening. Our boarding pass checker person (that’s the technical name, right?) said that due to the bad storm system moving over the southeast, a flight leaving Atlanta for Mississippi had been delayed that morning. By the time it arrived, it was supposed to be leaving for Atlanta. It had to unload the others, switch out workers, and come back to Atlanta. But it couldn’t do that until it was approved to take off in that weather by the air traffic control people. And that was why it was delayed.

Around 7:15, Tom and I had our zone called to board the plane. My ticket was fine. Tom’s was not. They printed him a new ticket, and we approached the plane. Comparing our tickets, we saw that we were now to be sitting 3 rows apart instead of next to each other. Turns out that around the same time we were getting our ticket problem fixed, a girl whose flight had been cancelled got put on our flight, and she was given Tom’s seat. Tom got a seat three rows ahead of her.

Oh well. We just wanted to get to Houston. And I ended up talking with this girl the whole flight. She was really nice. Her name’s Amanda, and she’s going into her junior year at Michigan State. She plays rugby, her degree is in hospitality, and she wants to go to learn to be a chef after graduation. She also likes photography, which is why when she was looking out the window and the light hit her in a nice way, she wasn’t bothered that I wanted to take her picture…even though we had just met. I am such a creeper, y’all.

And I did it again when the sun was setting over Texas before we reached Houston.

Amanda’s a good sport. And also, she wasn’t posing in those pictures. She was looking out the window, and I just asked if I could take her picture. She said sure and went back to looking out the window.  And then I found out she liked photography and that’s why she wasn’t weirded out. Thank you, Lord, for the little things like not freaking out a stranger I have to sit next to for the next hour and a half and for pretty sunsets.


4 thoughts on “Our Disastrous Day with Delta”

  1. Sunset flights are the best. I always pay for the window seat so I can get aerial shots of the landscape we’re flying over. The people I sit next to usually are overweight business men completely annoyed by the fact that I’m clicking my camera while they’re trying to work on their excel sheets so I never get candid shots. 🙂

    Nice work on the exposure on that sunset photo.

    1. Thanks, Sunira! Yeah, I would have been way to intimidated to ask a business person if I could shoot their picture. The girl I sat with was cool. She let me lean over her and take a picture of the sunset through the window. =)

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