Dinner at Bilbo’s Place

On Saturday, after the rehearsal, the rehearsal lunch, hanging around the hotel, doing a trial run of make-up for Jose’s sister, Jasmine, for the next morning, and getting my dressed sewn up a bit by Jose’s mama, Tom and I went to dinner.

At The Hobbit Cafe.

Oh yes. I don’t know if you can appreciate how exciting this was unless you are a total geek, as we are, but we are big Tolkien fans. I used to watch the cartoon movie of The Hobbit, we both read that book in eighth grade, we read books and watched the movies for all of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and we can’t wait for The Hobbit movie to come out. So when Tom found out online that there was a restaurant with good reviews on the food called The Hobbit Cafe, we had to check it out.

This place…it was hilarious, y’all. First of all, it looked like it had been decorated by a fraternity. It was an older house that had been turned into a restaurant, and it was covered in The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings paraphernalia. Your eyes were pulled in a dozen different directions when you walked inside. It was also really dimly lit.

I really loved the mossy “hobbit hole” for Bilbo, but my eye was constantly returning to their…unique…presentation of Gollum.

The food was really yummy. It was a bit more pricey than expected, but wasn’t out of control considering how many things we ordered. I had “Smaug’s Delight.” It’s a sandwich with smoked turkey,  avocado, and tomatoes under melted cheese. Smoked, Melted…the name fits. (Smaug is a dragon from The Hobbit, in case you haven’t read that one.) Tom had a buffalo cheeseburger with no fun name. We both had fries that were delish, and I had a (virgin) pina colada. For some reason, they only serve virgin “smoothies” as it was listed on the menu. It was so yummy though. Even though he really wanted a coke, I insisted that Tom have a beer. One of my favorite lines from the first LOTR movies is “They come in pints?!” And here we were in The Hobbit Cafe. Tom had to have a beer. Don’t you love peer pressure?

The restaurant serves a lot of healthy options for meals, and it was once upon a time an all vegetarian place. Now it’s more versatile in it’s menu, but it’s held to it’s healthy preferences. My sandwich was so good, and Tom loved his. They don’t scrimp on your meal. I ordered the “slim” version of mine, and it was so full that it stood about three or four inches tall. It was packed with avocado, and, since that’s what I was craving, I enjoyed it a lot.

If you’re in Houston, check it out. (The website is awful. The restaurant is not.) They serve food all day, have a laid back environment with nice, chill waitstaff, and their menu is versatile enough to please anyone. But more than that, it’s just funny to see how they decorated their restaurant with every knick knack related to Tolkien’s little creatures as they can find.


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    1. haha I dunno, but I wish I had taken a picture of the menu. You can see it on their website. It had a lot of the characters incorporated in it. For example, I think my drink was “Pippin’s Pina Colada.” Fun! Y’all should try it out when you go to Texas if you go through Houston at all. =)

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