A Latina’s Texas Wedding

Finally, the reason we went to Houston.
I mentioned Alejandra Amador in my first Friday Favorite, where I talked about her homemade hair accessories. She and Tom became friends when they attended Oxford at Emory together, and she and I met through Tom. We found we really enjoyed each other’s company and would hang out on our own all the time. This lead to a great friendship between us.
When Tom decided to go to Tech instead of Emory, he joined a Christian fraternity called Theta Xi. His senior year, he took on a “little brother”, a junior named Jose Vidal. They got along really well and became good friends. We both enjoyed hanging out with him.
So that Christmas, Tom and his roommates had a “cheesy Christmas party” and invited a lot of people. Jose was one who showed up. Alejandra came to surprise me. Tom nor I have ever seen someone so immediately taken with someone else as Jose was with Ale. He left Tom mid-conversation to follow her to the room we went to so we could sit and catch up. I noticed that he was listening and laughing along to our conversation, so I introduced them and invited him to join us. He asked her to be “friends” on facebook not long after that (so Facebook is good for something after all), and a couple of months later, he asked her out.
So Tom and I were both honored and excited to be a part of their wedding last weekend as a groomsman and bridesmaid. She is a super creative person, and she had an almost completely DIY wedding, with a lot of help from Jose and his family. Let me just show you a few highlights via photos.  Since some of you who read this blog know the couple, I apologize to those of you who don’t. I’m not scrimping on the photos. (So send a link to this blog post to other people who enjoy DIY ideas, weddings, parties, and more.)
When you first came in, they had a “wedding tree” instead of a book for guests to sign. Each guest put their thumb on a stamp pad, then they stuck it on the tree to make a leaf. There were different colored greens to chose from. Then each of us signed over our thumbprint with pens provided. They also had little wipes to get the ink off your finger.
Next to that was a box of handkerchiefs for the guests to take to “shed a joyful tear.” So glad they thought of that. Most people there needed one!
Ale was a GORGEOUS bride. No surprise there. But still, seeing her like that…she was stunning. It set off my crying, and let me tell you, that was a tearjerker day.
And check out those hot shoes! Girl is a trooper. She wore them all day.
She also wore a pretty pearl bracelet that Jose gave her. I didn’t get a picture of it, but here’s the bag it came in. Heck yes. He’s a keeper.
I was in the wedding, so I have no pictures of the ceremony, but here is the room it was held in, after it was over and the chairs were stacked. I pretty much cried through the whole ceremony. But so did a lot of others there. It was a very sweet wedding.
There were lights hanging from the ceiling.
And she came down these stairs to the aisle.
Their first dance was SO sweet.
Then Ale danced with her mom, who raised Ale and her brother. They danced to In My Daughter’s Eyes, and my tears started up again.
Then Jose danced with his mom. I went ahead and cried through that one too. Kind of hard to know what you’re even photographing when you’re crying.
Then, Jose and Ale let everyone get their food and settle down to eat. After we were all comfortable and most of us were full, they kicked off the dancing for the guests by doing a salsa to a version of “I Had The Time Of My Life.” You know, that song from Dirty Dancing? I was impressed. I knew Ale did salsa with a performing group, but I didn’t know Jose could dance! It was freaking awesome.
And then the camera went down again so that I could join everyone else with dancing. Their DJ was kind of cheesy, but he was really good at his job, and everyone was pretty much busting out their moves on the dance floor and laughing at themselves the whole time. It was fun. I did get some other pictures before and after that though.
Here’s the cake topper.
And the cake. It was a tres leches cake.
Here they are after cutting it and feeding each other. So cute.
Jose had pies instead of a groom’s cake.
They had all kinds of beverages for the guests to enjoy.
Speaking of guests, there were about 80, I think. And they all ate in this room. Isn’t their venue gorgeous? It’s called Paraiso Maravilla.
It was really a pretty place.
Jose and Ale had each guest assigned to a table. And they had picture frames with the table numbers in them. Their table had a frame with their names instead of a number. It was cute.
After some dancing and cutting the cake, there were toasts.
Their colors were red, teal, white, and gray/silver. I was impressed at how they managed to tie those colors together so well and in so many areas. They were on the tables.
In a banner.
In the little lanterns lining a fountain.
In the ring pillow.
In the freaking awesome bouquet Ale made for herself.
And obviously in the clothes for the wedding party. Ale made little hair pieces for the bridesmaids to wear with their red dresses. The guys wore gray suits with teal ties, super cute socks (that I wish I had a picture of to share), and ivory shirts, vests, and shoes. They looked sharp. Tom doesn’t have his jacket on in this picture, but you can see it in the pictures of Jose.
It was just a really fun and meaningful wedding. It was so sweet and awesome to see God bring two passionate, creative, Godly people together in marriage. They are so special to us, and being a part of their wedding day was really awesome.
Their next step (after a 3 week (!!) honeymoon to Spain) is to move to Phoenix, Arizona. And Tom and I are already trying to figure out when we can get out there to visit them.
Ps- For those of you who know them or for those who are just interested in seeing more pictures, I will be putting all of these pictures and more on facebook once I am back from the beach and have a better internet connection.

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  1. Just by the pictures I can tell what a gorgeous, fun wedding this was. I never would have put red and teal together but it’s perfect! Looks like you, Tom and the happy couple had a great time!

  2. The photos on a string? I’m lovin’ that.
    And the whole vintage-y theme? Loving that too. Maybe in her past life she was a wedding planner? 🙂

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