Friday Favorite: The B.O.B

Listen up. If you are a parent of small children, are expecting, ever plan to be a parent, or have friends that fit into any of those categories, you need to hear this.

As a nanny, I pretty much get to test drive all kinds of baby and child products. I have babysat, taught, and nannied tons of kids in various ages of development over the last ten years. I have opinions about spoons, bottles, and dvds. I could go on and on about nurseries, books, toys, and clothes.  I don’t have it all figured out, and I’m not a mom. But I’ve gotten to use all different parents’ choices for brands in all different types of things for kids. So, I’ve developed some opinions.

Today, I’m telling you about my favorite stroller. This is important because your stroller will strongly affect your lifestyle after your baby arrives. When is the last time you used one of these?

(Thank you Kezza11 at for the picture!)

Will has one of these types of strollers in brown. I use it every now and then when I just need somewhere for him to sit when I run a quick errand. But these old school strollers just stink. They are so short! I am under 5’3″ and find myself leaning forward sometimes with my arms fully extended just to hold on to the handles. I have no idea how taller people used to do this. They also aren’t very smooth if you go over any bumpy areas.

I might get one of them when I have a baby just for the same reason I sometimes use it for Will. But if I had to go out and pick a stroller right now, it would be a B.O.B.

(B.O.B was the nickname for what the guys called their stroller: The Beast of Burden. I used to think it stood for Baby On Board. Since they also make trailers that attach to your bike, I guess Beast of Burden makes more sense. ) The B.O.B. was created in the 90’s by an airline mechanic and a guy in the bicycle industry. They’ve been improving it ever since.

Here’s what I like about it:

*It can keep up with you. If you want to run, hike, go on a walk, go to the store, go anywhere, this stroller can take it. It can go off-road, and it is easily the smoothest stroller I’ve ever pushed. The front wheel swivels, so it can turn on a dime. And when we go over bumps, the B.O.B. seems to absorb the shock so that Will isn’t very jostled. Even if he was, look at that harness. He’s not going anywhere.

*It folds up. There is a little handle thing in the back. If you pull it, the whole thing just collapses in on itself, and it can easily be put in the trunk of a car to go out on the town or to wherever you want to go exercise. Easy. I didn’t take a picture of this because Will was in the stroller. Not gonna fold it up on him. =)

*It’s customizable. You can get accessories for it. A couple that Will has are the car seat adapter and the handlebar console. They have others for your baby’s protection and comfort in cold, rainy, or hot weather as well as things for your workout and travel needs. Basically, you can use this stroller from the time your baby is born until they are children old enough to not want to be in a stroller. And you can use it no matter what the weather. You’ll also notice that Austin and Elizabeth added a little toy strap to his stroller so he has something to play with when he’s out and about. You can probably find those in most baby and toy stores.

Here’s a picture showing the car seat adapter. See that bar sticking out in front of Will? They added that on, and it holds the car seat. There’s a strap for securing the car seat in as well, but that’s what holds the weight.

And here’s the handlebar console with cupholders. I use this every time we go on a walk. Love it.

*It comes with the basic weather protection. Sure you can buy the accessories for wind, cold, heat, and rain, but if you live in a climate like I do, you don’t often get extreme cold, you aren’t going for long walks with your child in the rain, and you know how to beat the heat. The B.O.B. already has what you need to keep your baby from too much sun or a light, pop-up shower when you’re out. This “umbrella” also has a little “window” so you can peek at your child every now and then or can velcro it back so you can look down at them often.

*There are little cupholders on the inside of the B.O.B. on either side of the seat. This is awesome for your kiddo. I put Will’s sippy cup in there, and he can get himself water when I go on our morning walks. That’s really great for keeping him cool since it can get so hot in Georgia. I also think it would be a good place to hold a snack for older kids who can feed themselves.

*It looks good while fitting your lifestyle. You can pick from a variety of types of strollers, depending on what you need. It also comes in color combinations that guys won’t be embarrassed to be seen with when out with their kids.

*It can be ordered in a single or double size. That’s big because if/when you have your second child (or twins, whoa), you shouldn’t have to give up exercise or going where you need to go. Get a double stroller when you have your second child, and you can put them both in it. No problem.

*It’s comfortable. I never bang my feet or legs on it when exercising. The handle bar is soft and comfortable to hold. I love that because when you work up a sweat, it’s not this hard, plastic thing you have to hold onto. There’s a pouch in the back and on the bottom, so if you get hot, you can take off a jacket and stow it in one of those. And the brake is easy to kick into position and back again because it’s right by your feet. I think there are more brake controls under the handle, but I never use those.

I have a lot of friends who are expecting or trying or planning to have kids in the next few years and I want to make sure that I don’t keep all this good information to myself. You can find the B.O.B. at most baby stores as well as at several REI stores. And no, they didn’t pay me to give this review. They really are that awesome.

Thanks, Will, for modeling your B.O.B.!

I hope you all have a fabulous Friday!

7 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: The B.O.B”

  1. Come on! Tom and I went to Georgia Tech. We’ll make sure our babies have strollers that feed the baby, change its diapers, and moves simply by our mind control.

    1. Haha, I wish there was one like that. =) I’d definitely want one to be pushed around in. When I walk with Will, I always think to myself how good he has it. =)

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