Looking for LoLa in Oregon

Tom and I have some friends, Kristen and Davey, who live in Seattle. On a recent trip to Pendleton, Oregon, they found a LoLa to submit. It’s hilarious. They were eating at a place called Hamley’s Restaurant and Saloon. From the pictures on their blog, it had kind of an old timey/western look, which..I guess..explains the LoLa they found.

Hilarious. I laughed so hard when they sent this to me.

(And it did not have the “censored” boxes yet.)

When Tom and I saw that first picture, our reactions were something like this:

Ha, just kidding. Kristen emailed me that along with the LoLa shots because she found it on her computer from a birthday party back in 2006. We were playing that game where someone calls something out and you have to react immediately while someone takes your picture. I have no idea what we were reacting to, but Tom’s face is priceless.

Thanks, Kristen and Davey, for looking for LoLa! Even if you did find her in a, well, compromising position. Let this be a lesson to you folks- Never pose for a picture, or a painting, unless you want everyone to see it. And your naked image might end up hanging over a bathroom in a western-themed restaurant in Oregon. I’m just sayin’.


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