What Would I Do Without You?

When Tom was in New York, we both missed each other a lot. I know people always say that it’s good to take a break from each other. I know some people who say that if they didn’t get time apart from their spouse, they’d lose it. Well…we aren’t those people. We love hanging out together. We’re best friends. Sure, we have nights where I’m at book club, and he’s having a guy’s night, and we both have fun. But we really miss each other when we go on trips apart.

I always think it’s worse for the person at home. The person on the trip has new stuff to do and experience, but the person at home is missing the one who is gone and MIA during their regular routine. I’ll admit that I cried a few times when he was gone just from missing him. Obviously, I needed something to do in the evenings while he was gone.

I got The Last Song to read, but I knew that wouldn’t take me long to finish. I went to Covington for lunch with my mom and Tom’s mom one day. I found out I’m an emotional eater. I bought Twizzlers, a box of Gobstoppers, and some other candy (I can’t remember) to eat while he was gone. I didn’t finish any of them on my own, thank goodness. Tom finished off the gobstoppers when he came back, and the twizzlers are still hanging around. I guess I ate whatever the third junk food was, because I don’t remember what it was and can’t find it.

Lastly, I got myself a puzzle. I love puzzles. This is something I have in common with Tom’s mama, Patti. She and I both love puzzles of all kinds. Picture puzzles, word searches, cross words, and more, we love them. When we get together, we yank out our crossword subscriptions and work on them together. It’s more fun with two people working on them. Anway, this time, I got a picture puzzle.

I worked and worked on it, and I finished it the night of Tom’s return.

I like to do Coke puzzles, mainly because they have such fun, vintage pictures. This one was 1,000 pieces.

The only problem was…I got 998 pieces in place and could NOT find the last two.

I cannot explain how frustrating this is. I refused to put away the puzzle. I wouldn’t do it. I HAD to find the last two pieces. Tom came home to find this puzzle on the living room coffee table. During his first week back, I found one of the pieces. But the one that fit in the picture above alluded me.

I left this puzzle out for a month while I searched all through and under all the furniture in our living room. Tom thought the dogs might have gotten it. I finally decided to crumble it back into the box because we had my nephew and nieces coming over. I also needed to move the table to make room for the fold out bed from our couch. After I put the puzzle away and pulled out the bed in our couch for the first time…I found it.

Stupid puzzle piece.

So in answer to what would I do without Tom? I would turn into a person who sits at home reading Nicholas Sparks novels, eating candy, and doing puzzles, crying at 4:30 when Tom should be coming home from work, and leaving unfinished puzzles out for months at a time because I can’t stand having only 999 out of 1,000 pieces accounted for at the end of the day.


I think I’ll be hacking into Tom’s boss’s computer tonight to be sure he doesn’t have plans to ever send Tom anywhere again.


6 thoughts on “What Would I Do Without You?”

  1. I just did that puzzle a couple months ago. Weird. We actually framed it and put it up in our office. We love the vintage Coke stuff. Actually, any Coke stuff! πŸ™‚

  2. I know exactly what you’d do without me. You’d..

    – Watch Disney like it was your job
    – Allow the dogs on whatever furniture you wanted
    – Stay up until 4am reading every single night
    – Nom upon Twizzlers
    – Listen to songs that I don’t like

    ..just to name a few

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