Sleep, Creep, Leap

When we first planted all of our new veggies, herbs, flowers and shrubs, I was a bit frustrated. They were so puny, and I really was worried they wouldn’t all make it, especially after the dogs got into my back yard garden. My mom told me not to be discouraged when I got frustrated about the new plants taking a while to grow. She said the rule to remember is “the first year they sleep, the second year they creep, and the third year, they leap.” So give them some time.

Well, we decided to quit worrying about it, and I’m glad we did. We’ve used MiracleGro LiquaFeed with the hose attachment twice in addition to regular watering. In this hot, Georgia heat, the plants are definitely not happy if they don’t get something to drink regularly, especially the gerber daisies and shrubs.

Click here to see our plants right after we had planted them.

And now, here are pictures I took a few days ago:

The Front:

Don’t the gerber daisy leaves look like lettuce? It’s weird.

My potted hydrangea by the front door:

And, look! My potted mint is growing up! It’s one of the ones that looked like it wouldn’t make it at first.

I can’t wait to learn to make mint juleps and use my own mint!

My dahlias are finally blooming in the garden around the side from the front. The dahlias have gotten even bigger than the hydrangeas behind them. Can’t wait till they start blooming. Next year, maybe.

My veggies and herbs are growing on up.

Mmm…I might just have to pick these early and have fried green tomatoes. YUM.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the house, I was sad to miss my tiger lilies blooming. I managed to get a picture of a few of them on my phone, so the quality isn’t great.

But then we went on vacation, and they all bloomed while we were gone. Then all the blooms fell off. And then we came home. Sad!

At least the snapdragons are doing well. They’re multiplying into little clusters. I love it.

My little plumbago ariculata has grown a LOT. It even has pretty little blooms on it now. I can’t wait to see how this will look when it’s all the way up the fence.

We decided our crepe myrtles from the fall were dead, so we got 3 tiny new ones from my dad’s garden. Two of our three crepe myrtles are doing really well. We’ll get a new one from my mom and dad to replace the one that’s not doing so hot when it’s closer to fall.

And in the back yard, my plants have managed to survive the thrashing the dogs gave them.

There are a few spots where the impatiens need to be filled in. They didn’t survive the dogs. But the other impatiens have grown up so much that I think I can fill in that spot by taking some from them and putting it in the “bald” areas. There are some small calla lilies growing behind the spot where there are no impatiens. The calla lilies have been multiplying like crazy. Also, can you believe the butterfly bush has grown back so much after the pups ripped the branches off??

The window boxes were doing really well…and then we went on vacation. They got pretty dried out. I watered them as soon as we got back, and they’re on the mend. I wish I’d photographed them before the vacation though.

I could use some advice. I don’t know what the name of this plant is even. It’s the tall one in the middle of the boxes. It should look like this:

And it’s doing just fine. Which is weird, because since I’ve planted it, some of the leaves always look like this:

Have any of you seen anything like this on your own plants? Know what causes it? It’s strange because my plants are still growing and doing just fine…but they don’t look as pretty as they should with that strange fungus look and it eventually does kill the leaves it’s on. Any opinions or suggestions? They would be much appreciated


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  1. That is sedum, , my guess is Autumn Joy Sedum. It’s VERY hardy (succulent) and does really well in the GA heat. It’s a great perennial that propagates quickly each year. I have it in pots and in the ground at my house and it just keeps spreading which is fine by me. I’m jealous of your plumbago. I plant it about every other year and it just never comes back. I LOVE it and the smell is great! You guys have done a lot of great work and the blooms are beautiful! Keep up the great work with that green thumb!

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