Friday Favorite: Working Girl Boutique

You know how sometimes you want to go buy something- a shirt or jeans or some other piece of clothing or accessory, but you don’t want it to be the same thing as what every one else will have? And you don’t want to pay a ton? That’s when digging through consignment shops can come in handy. But my problem with consignment shops is that you have to dig through some ugly, sometimes gross, stuff to get to something you would actually wear. Then you have to find it in your size. And sometimes you have to get pretty creative just to find a way to work that item into an outfit.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a place where you could get the discounts, and the uniqueness (is that a word?), while looking through loads of good stuff? Well, that’s where Working Girl Boutique (For Guiltless Shopping) comes in.

I had been dying to go into this store for a while now. It has everything from gently used clothes to Coach purses. And the store doesn’t sell knock-offs; I asked. Legit designer brands mixed in with jewelry made from a local artist. You can find brand new shoes 75% off or a cute, like-new shirt that was only worn once for $2.

This shirt in the window caught my eye. So cute and funky. I want it to wear with some jeans and flip-flops.

This store is overflowing with all kinds of cute clothes. And I mean overflowing.

There were purses…a few I wanted to snag.

And a shoe section that had some gently used and some brand new. Even the brand new shoes were 75% off!

Here’s a little “black and white” section at the front of the store. Love wearing black.

And they had accessories from local artists as well. I thought that was so cool.

This boutique has a wide variety of clothes. They have everything from little girls’ clothes (starting in sizes seven and eight) to adults. I even saw flower girl dresses. The people who worked there could not have been nicer or more accommodating. They would help you find anything you needed, but they won’t follow you around the store, the way some salespeople do. I find that incredibly annoying, so I was impressed with these ladies. They’re sweet, down to earth, and friendly, at least from my experience.

Working Girl Boutique usually has a sign with their name on it, but it’s covered up with this big “sale” sign right now. And I’m okay with that because I love sales. =) You can find them online at They are located at: 1175 Highway 23 NE, Suwanee, GA 30024.

The store provides clothes and accessories for women only, so my giveaway is decidedly girly. But guys, don’t feel like you can’t enter! You can give it to your wife or girlfriend!

I picked up this cute little button necklace. I got something in a neutral color so you could wear it with a larger variety of clothes. You can change the length depending on where you clasp it, which I always like in a necklace.

It came in this cute little pouch. Which I didn’t know where to put for a picture, so I had to set it on our fence. Kinda random, but it is what it is.

If you’d like to win, just tell me what outfit you would wear something like this with. For example, I think it’d be cute with a plain, fitted tee and some jeans with a big, low-slung belt. But that’s just me. What would you do with it?

To enter a second or even third time, link to this blog on twitter and/or facebook. (Each separate place counts as an entrance.) Make sure you @meghanmcfarlin me so I know you did!

And if you’re a dude, you can just tell me who you hope to win this necklace for. Please don’t keep it for yourself. That would be weird.

Regardless, I’ll run it through a random number generator Sunday evening and announce the winner Monday.

Good luck!


12 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: Working Girl Boutique”

  1. Cute and It’s only 10 minutes from where I live! I’ve been looking for cute gift stores in the area and I might stop in here sometime.

    This giveaway thing is awesome! Maybe I will start one for my blog…. but then I will probably try and give away things people would balk at. My tastes are weird.

    One of my friends’ birthdays is coming up and I think this would go awesome as part of her goody bag!


  2. Since I’m self-imposing a “previous winner can’t win again until after 30 days” rule, this is really just a comment and not an entry for the giveaway:

    I had a necklace just like that years ago. But then I gave it to Goodwill….in Atlanta. So, I like to think that my necklace traveled around GA and ended up in the Working Girl Boutique and now you are gonna find an awesome home for it! lol.

    I actually really liked the necklace, but had waaaaay too much jewelry at the time, so I committed to donating half of it, and this ended up in that half. I think it looks great with jeans and a simple scoop neck shirt – something that shows off all those gorgeous buttons!

    Cute store! Again, wish I lived closer so I could shop there 🙁 Maybe when we come visit this summer, Davey will let me swing by there!

  3. Such a cute necklace. Our 13th anniversary coming up and am hoping to take Adam up to the North Georgia mountains for a getaway. We have a great casual restaurant that we LOVE- home grown food, etc. Would look great with some white capris and a brown top and sandals. What a fun shop! Will have to grab a girlfriend and make the trek to Suwanee.

  4. So cute! I think it’d look good with a pretty little sundress and some strappy little sandals. 🙂 I wish this shop was near me. So cool!

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