Eye of the Beholder

I’ve been wearing glasses since I was six or seven years old. Genetically inclined to bad vision, I probably didn’t help matters by sneaking the chance to read by low light after I was supposed to have gone to bed growing up.

Anyway, I have always wished I could explain to others just how horrible my vision really is. I wear contacts that are -6.5 strength. I’m legally blind. I can’t remember what it’s like to wake up in the morning and be able to see clearly what’s around me (unless I fell asleep with my contacts in, but then my eyes are all uncomfortably dry with contacts sucked onto them). It’s bad.

But then…I had an idea. One morning last week, I got up to let the dogs out to potty in the back yard. I saw how pretty some of the flowers looked with dew drops on them, so I grabbed my camera and headed back out to take some pictures. I was wearing my glasses. I hate taking pictures when I’m wearing my glasses. But that morning, it finally clicked with me that I could, in fact, show how bad my vision is. Using manual focus, I took a regular picture, then I took unfocused the camera until it looked the same when I looked through the lens with my glasses on as it did when I looked around the yard without my glasses.

Here’s part of our back yard:

And here’s the same part of our backyard when I look at it without glasses:

Here’s part of my little backyard garden:

And Here’s part of my little backyard garden without aids to my eyes:

Heres’ my plumbago ariculata on that cloudy morning:

And here it is through my eyes:

I don’t know about you, but it literally hurts my eyes to look at out of focus pictures. It’s amazing that it doesn’t hurt my eyes to look at the world all out of focus when I don’t have contacts in or glasses on.

I just have to say that I’m glad I was born in an age where I don’t just have to be blind. And when they figured out a way to make my glasses’ lenses not look so thick.

And one more thing. I really, REALLY want to get Lasik. If I ever get the money, I’m thinking of asking if I can have it video taped. I would be willing to share said video tape on the blog. Would that be too gross?

Also, I need to raise about $4,000 for that surgery. If you’d like to contribute to the Give the Blind (Meghan) Their (her) Sight Back Project, a project I just made up, feel free to make checks out to me and send them my way. It’s a worthy cause, and I will list all contributors on my blog when I have the surgery.

I’m kidding about sending me money.

Kind of.

I really hate being blind.

But really. Don’t send me money.


18 thoughts on “Eye of the Beholder”

  1. Love this post. I, too, am blessed with poor vision, though not as bad as yours. My prescription is only -4.5. I didn’t start wearing glasses until 7th grade, though! I want LASIK, too. If you get the surgery, please don’t show it on the blog. It will be gross. Seriously. Gross. *shudder* I would be compelled to watch and then would be too chicken to get the surgery myself. Don’t do that to me.

    Wouldn’t it be so nice to wake up in the morning and be able to see the numbers on the alarm clock? Dare to dream, my dear!

    1. haha, I don’t want to cause you not to get LASIK! I’ve seen a video of Jessica Simpson getting it back when she had that Newlyweds show. It’s not that bad…kind of like peeling a grape, then flipping the part you peeled back into place after the lasers are done. Of course, that might be gross to you and others. I’m the kind of person who gets pleasure out of watching people’s zits get popped and seeing an abscess get drained (as long as I can’t smell it). So…maybe it would be too much.

      But yeah, I dream of the day I can see what time it is when I wake up without having to squash the alarm clock right up against my nose. haha

      1. I squirmed through that whole Newlyweds segment! I mean, at least there is no blood, right? Don’t worry, it’s only our eyeballs! Haha.

        I hate to admit I’ve hit my head on my nightstand because I have to get so close to the clock. I should employ the pick-up-the-alarm-clock move instead of moving my face so close 😉

    2. by the way, you have me laughing over here. “only -4.5.” I remember when mine was like that, and it’s still pretty stinking awful. haha

      1. John still likes to test me when I’m wearing glasses. He makes me take them off and says “can you see that?” Me: “No” John: “How about this? Surely you can read that?” Me: “Is there a capital R somewhere? Otherwise, no”

        I hope our potential future children get his vision (as you said below)

  2. I watched a graphical interpretation of the LASIK surgery and am totally freaked out since you have to be awake the whole time the procedure is being completed. Also the average cost for Lasik should only be about 2200, not 4000 unless you want the super new technology, then it’s like 2200 per eye and you’re right. A few of my friends have done the normal one over the years and its been fine. I would love to have LASIK and can afford it but….. totally chicken over here.

    Totally chicken.

    Like Buk Bukk Bukawk!

    1. I don’t mind being awake for it…you can pay for me to get it! hahahaha just kidding. I want to get the newest Lasik because it’s supposed to be the best. We technically could afford it, but neither of us want to dip into our savings to pay for it. I’m thinking we’ll start a separate ING savings account for my eyes. Oh man, I wish I never had to worry about saline, contacts, glasses, etc ever again.

      But really, I think being awake would be worth it. You don’t feel anything since they numb your eyes. How bad is your vision?

      1. So, I had to comment here, too. I am sure that Tom’s work has the option to contribute to a Flexible Spending Account. One year, you could decide that’s the year you’ll get LASIK, and you can use pre-tax income to pay for it. It is almost like getting 30% off. Sort of? If you squint and lean? I am 90% sure you can use FSA funds for LASIK. Of course, you’d want to triple check first. But you can use FSA funds for braces and that kind of stuff. Just a thought for you!

          1. FSA is a great tool. We don’t have many prescriptions or medicine needs, but we contribute about $500/yr. It’s a minimal amount per paycheck, but, like I said, it’s like saving 30% on all your prescriptions, OTC medicine, even ice and heating pads are FSA eligible. And contact solution! Definitely look into it. The only thing is, if you don’t use the money you contribute for the year, you lose it. It disappears into some gov’t vat of money (I assume). Happy saving!

      2. I’m -3.75.
        I can only see about 2 feet in front of my face.
        Getting it early is probably a good idea though.
        Lasik has diminishing returns since it doesn’t prevent the mid-forties eye change we all will have to face.

  3. Yeah, I’m worried that Ella will have bad vision, since James has to wear specially made contacts, and my sight is worse than yours. Not cool.

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