“Whoo….Arre…Yooou?” asked the caterpillar.

I have to say that I’m not a big fan of bugs. And that includes the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland. Though to be honest, I don’t really like that story either. It kind of weirds me out.

Picture from Wikipedia

Anyway, despite my feelings on the matter of bugs and stories, the caterpillar from Alice came to visit me. Or rather, he came to demolish my tomato plants.

Oooh. That made me angry.

I discovered that I have a mama-like attitude towards my plants. They were just these weak little babies when Tom and I got them and  “made their beds”…making our backs, arms and hands ache with hoeing up the grass, pulling out weeds, hauling rocks to line it, digging holes, putting in nice soil, planting, putting out mulch, watering it, weeding, etc. I checked on them and photographed them and…talked to them (hey, all living things need encouragement!)…as they grew. So DON’T YOU BE MESSIN’ WITH MY BABIES. Stupid bug.

When I first saw that big ol’ caterpillar clinging to my tomato plant, I was a little freaked out. My veggie garden is outside a window, and I must have yelped pretty loudly, because Tom and the dogs came running to the window to see what was wrong. I pointed it out, and Tom understood. I hate bugs. And that was a friggin’ HUGE bug.

But then I saw what it had done to my plant. OH NO HE DIH-HN. I got mad. I saw red. But I wasn’t touching that sucker. I found a big piece of mulch and finally got him pried loose. He fell into my oregano. Eww. I got him out of there and had him gripping the mulch I was holding, so I transported him to the tree in the front yard. And that’s where I left him to run back in for my camera.

Let me just pause to say that I got a 50mm lens from my in-laws for my birthday and am freaking in love with it. I was trying it out on my hookah-less friend and on the plants (in the pictures above). It was super cloudy and still somewhat drizzling outside after a storm, but I thought it did just fine.

Okay anyway, check out this sucker. He was at least five inches long. ICK.

Sorry, I know I need to lay off the text…I just had to add some quote in a funky font since this dude was puffing opium in the story. If my caterpillar was blue, he’d be a perfect fit.

I like butterflies and all, but I’d rather they didn’t come around pre-cocoon. And I’d really rather they stayed away from my plants. I’m down one tomato now, and who knows how many would have come from those vines he stripped/broke. I still have 10 tomatoes growing though. They’re getting huge. I’m such a proud mama.

Who knew I could feel this protective of a tomato plant?


4 thoughts on ““Whoo….Arre…Yooou?” asked the caterpillar.”

  1. Ah the tomato hornworm. That one you have is actually kinda small. My dad’s plants usually get them in the summer but we leave them since they’re quite beautiful when they get huge and produce magnificent half-foot wingspan moths!

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