Oooh, Sweet Child of Mine.

I hesitated to share this post with y’all because..well…it just further delves into how weird we are in this family of four (that’s including our two dogs). I mean really…You might never come back after this. But then I thought, what’s the fun in that? It’s my blog. I should be honest about who we are when sharing tidbits of our lives. So we’re weird. You’ve probably figured that out by now. Here goes…

Tom and I have a little joke. Tom’s the fourth, so we know if we have a boy that we’ll name him Thomas Hudson McFarlin V, or rather, just Hudson (as we’ve already got a Tommy and a Tom between Tom and his dad). But we’ve already figured out what we’ll name our second son, should we have one.

Here’s a real concern, and we have talked about this: Our nephews and nieces are so cute. We wonder if there’s any chance that our kids can live up to that kind of adorableness.



Anna Kate






Now, I realize this portrayal of Puce isn’t cute, nor is it of a human. Nor is it our nephew. This ugly dog (that I found on some random site with the “You Ugly” cheer) represents the child that Tom and I joke we will have someday. One night, long ago, Tom told me he dreamed we had this ugly son named “Puce.” We’ve been joking ever since that we are bound to have one ugly kid to balance out all the cute kids in our families.

Here are some things we’ve decided about Puce that you should know, should you ever hear us refer to him:

1. He sleeps in a crate.

2. He gets the leftovers from Sam and Liam’s bowls.

3. If something goes wrong, it’s Puces fault.

4. He can’t talk because he’s got a busted (ugly, messed up) face.

5. Puce isn’t allowed in the car, hence, he may never go anywhere.

6. I’m allowed to eat and drink whatever I want when pregnant with Puce, because there is nothing I could do to make him worse than he will already be.

7. Anytime Tom and I see anything that we think is gross, we tell each other that we’ll get it for Puce.

I know this sounds mean, but please remember that this “child” does not exist, nor would we really treat any child that way no matter how ugly they were. Puce is our fun little joke about all things ugly and about how we’re a little worried we can’t live up to all the cuteness that our siblings have brought forth into the world. It’s a lot to live up to. Puce is our comedic relief.

Also, if I ever do have a son after Hudson, and any of you refer to him as “Puce,” I will punch your lights out and blame it on the hormones. Fair warning. Don’t ever tell a mama her baby’s ugly. No one would blame me.

But as long as we’re referring to fictional Puce, we’re cool.

Another thing. Tom and I will understand if you think we’re too weird to continue being our friends after this.

That is all. I’ve got to quit sharing this kind of stuff, or I’m going to scare you all away.


24 thoughts on “Oooh, Sweet Child of Mine.”

  1. I am still trying to figure out how many claws that dog has on it’s right front paw.
    Well, here’s to hoping you don’t have any polydactyl kids. 😉

    1. Thanks, Lindsey! I’m glad you like it! =) We are doing well. I hope you and Brian are also! =) Do y’all have a blog? I’d love to see what y’all are up to.

  2. This is SOO funny b/c when we went to dinner in HH with your family I was talking about the SAME thing. I kept saying Brian and I would have an ugly child and what would we do b/c Lainey is so cute, and we’d be cursed to have an ugly baby. What do you do with an ugly baby? Do you know? Well, your family informed me that you think and ask the same thing and I thought it was funny 🙂 Yall won’t have an ugly baby b/c you’re both adorable, so stop worrying!

    1. Well if that’s all it takes to not worry, you and Brian shouldn’t worry! You’re a cute couple. I don’t think Lainey will have any ugly cousins. haha

  3. Too funny! “It” really startled me when I scrolled down, kind of like those jokes on e-mail where you stare a picture for a long time to see someone walk by and “Puce” pops up! Yikes!

  4. Have you ever met someone who was physically beautiful and once you got to know them you no longer thought so…and the reverse–you met someone who was ordinary-looking until you got to know them and now they are beautiful to you? Teach my grandchildren to bring beauty into the world through their loving actions and words and they will be beautiful. (Sorry for such a serious comment but how could you entertain worries about this? Your babies will be fearfully and wonderfully made.)

  5. Ella says she will still play with him, even if he is hideous.

    However, she requests that you move her picture farther from him on the page because he is also terrifying.

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