Friday Favorite: The Graphic Design Hook Up

Sunira Moses went to Georgia Tech with Tom. They were both computer science majors, and that is how they met. Tom always had positive things to say about her, so I knew she must be A.) Hard-working (as Tom doesn’t like teaming up with slackers), B.) Smart (as it’s not like you coast through CS), and C.) Normal (as, pardon my stereotyping, many cs majors are kinda weird, and he spoke of her as though she had social skills).  I also gathered that she had a sense of humor, because when he mentioned her, it was usually when a team would get together to work, and they both found something funny.

Anyway, I was glad Tom had someone besides himself in that major who was nice, normal, and equally hard-working. It always makes it easier to get stuff done when you aren’t carrying all the weight of the project or working with a jerk. Other than that, I didn’t know anything about Sunira.

Eventually, that changed. We became friends on twitter, of all places, and not through an introduction by Tom. In fact, the three of us have never been in the same room at the same time. But I was okay with getting to know her online.  I like making new friends, even if it’s through twitter. We also follow each other’s blogs, and she even won my giveaway last week. So we got together so she could get her prize, and we got a chance to meet face-to-face. Love it.

Here are some things I know about her now without learning it via Tom: She lived in India until 1992. She loves to paint. She loves photography. She has her own house and some kitties that live with her. She’s a Christian. She’s ambitious and loves her job. Her parents wouldn’t let her live on campus the first two years of college because they’re pretty conservative about most things, where she lived being no exception. And she’s really, really great at graphic design.

And that is why she is being featured today. Sunira didn’t major in graphic design, or minor in it, or anything. Self-taught, she does it because she loves it. Graphic design is just one more artistic outlet, and she’s good enough to make a profit. All of her clients are just by referral, so I am referring you. I would hate for you to miss out on hiring her to do some work for your site (or whatever you need) just because I withheld some information.

Here’s some fun stuff she’s done:

A while back, she saw some art online that she wanted to try to do with her own spin on it.  But she needed a face with sunglasses on for the picture. I volunteered, and she sweetly emailed me multiple versions of my face…which were sadly all better than the picture I sent her. hmm..

Here’s the picture from online on the left, and one of the pictures of me, on the right.

And here’s the picture of me and one of her renderings.

Here are some fun ones in different colors:

Okay, so that was fun. And then she also did some work for Tom. When he had up and running as a site instead of an online business card, he had a spacey-themed background for a while. For inspiration, he sent her some cd art. He also said that the way you think of Owl City’s Hello Seattle remix when you hear it is kind of the way he wanted you to feel when you looked at the site. Whoa. I’m not sure I could even envision that. (But she could.) Here’s the art he sent:

And here’s what she sent back for him to choose from or adjust as he wanted. I still remember the day he got these via email. He was so pumped. It was exactly what he’d envisioned. We were both blown away at her talent.

So if you’re interested in Sunira’s work, contact her! You can also follow her blog. She’s planning to do a tutorial sometime of how she took my face from a picture in the backyard to art I wanted to show on my blog.

Thanks, Sunira!

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