We Are Family

On Father’s Day, Tom and I trekked out to Covington to have lunch with his family at his Nana’s house (to celebrate her birthday as well as Father’s Day), then we went to my parents’ house to visit with my mom and dad for Father’s Day. It was really fun to visit with them all, and I’ve been mentally kicking myself for forgetting to get pictures of me and Dad together on Sunday.

But we did get some pictures with Tom’s family. I’m so glad I married into a bunch of goofs.

Just for the record, I didn’t catch them off guard. They posed like this.

I wonder where the boys get it from? Surely, not their dad…

Or their mom…

Either way, I’m glad they’re so silly. I love them all. So, so much.

Oops. Sorry, Tom.

It was around this point that Tom declared he couldn’t wait until Ben and Lana were married so he could have someone to gaze at lovingly. November can’t come fast enough.


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