Nana Banana

Both of my grandmothers are amazing women. I was actually planning to do a blog post about them, but I haven’t typed them out yet. I’m needing to jump into some stuff about my Nana early.

My mom’s mom is my Nana. Nana Banana as we would sometimes refer to her. She’s awesome and has always been young at heart. Tea parties with me and my sister when we were little, her traveling the world, the way she says “mah-vah-lous”, her wall full of art from all her travels hanging above her vintage sofa in the house she’s inhabited since my mom was a baby, the fact that she owned and flew a plane in her twenties, and her incredible sense of fashion just wash over me when I think of her. Wait until you hear the stories in my post about her.

This is me and my Nana at my rehearsal dinner.

But today, I really just want to ask you to please pray for her and for my family. Nana was diagnosed with multiple myeloma a few years ago when Tom and I were engaged. Part of the treatment for it weakener her bones, and she had to start using a cane, and more recently, a wheelchair. Her personality has remained in tact, and she’s so fun to be around. We all got to spend time with her at the beach, for which I am grateful.

She has been having to go under some procedures a couple times in the past few weeks to treat collapsed vertebrae. Having that happen in her back was painful, and the procedure helped a lot. They would go in and puff her vertebrae back out by filling in with a cementy (no, that’s not a word) material. This would have less pinched nerves in her back and leave her in a much better physical state.

Yesterday when they were working on some more vertebrae, her heart stopped. They had to do CPR, and her lung collapsed. They were able to resuscitate her and  get her lung re-inflated then put her on a ventilator. She was put in ICU. Later last night, she must have stabilized some because they took her to get a CT scan, and they wouldn’t have moved her if that was a risk. They did the scan to make sure she didn’t have brain damage from when her heart stopped and she wasn’t getting oxygen. She didn’t have brain damage, which we were relieved to hear.

But she’s not out of the woods yet. She’s eighty-six years young, and she’s a Christian. We know she’s ready to meet the Lord face to face. In fact, her power of attorney form stating that they were not to resuscitate her was accidentally left at home when she came to the hospital, so she would be with Him now otherwise. We aren’t sure what’s going to happen, but I’m personally hoping that she will either improve or wake up and get to spend some time with my mom, aunt, and uncle if this is her time. There’s peace in knowing that we’ll see her again if it is her time, but I would sure miss her.

Please pray for my Nana today and for her children to have peace and wisdom in how to handle the future. If she passes, they’ll need comfort, and if she doesn’t they are going to have to either try to convince her to move out of her house or find someone who can live with her.

Thanks so much, y’all.


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  1. I have only spoken with her on a few occasions, but it is apparent she is a strong woman. We hope the best for her and the family. 🙂

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