Friday Favorite: Books I Read Again and Again

I read a lot. A lot, a lot. I have read Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, L.M. Montgomery, Austen, and Twain. I have read L’engle, Rand, Dickens, and Hemingway. I’ve read from serious Edgar Allan Poe to silly Sophie Kinsella and Meg Cabot.

But some of my very favorite books are the ones that I can’t stay away from. The ones I itch to pick up again. The ones I’d be willing to go pick up at midnight when they’re released just to get some closure in a series or trilogy.

Very few books pull me back again and again, forcing me to read them at least once a year. These are my top books, and I hope that you’ll check them out if you haven’t.

Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling.

I’m going to assume that you don’t need much in the way of introduction to these books. I have read this series about 10 or 11 times. I love it. I LOVE it. I am so very impressed by J.K. Rowling’s imagination and attention to detail. Each one is better and more grown up than the one before. In the fifth book, I sympathized so much with how the students hate Umbridge that I could hardly stand to read it the first time through. Rowling just has a way of taking her readers into the story so that they can almost feel like they’re there. I cried so much in the seventh book, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Please give these a try if you haven’t read them before.

Twilight Series and The Host by Stephenie Meyer.

I can hear you laughing now. And I can just imagine the eye rolls. I will admit that the Twilight books are dripping with sappy romance. And since I love reading stories about love, I don’t mind that. In fact, I think it’s kind of cool that some of these kids are high school age (I don’t count the teen-looking vampires since they are about a hundred). The reason being, I fell in love with Tom in high school. People tend to discount teenagers’ feelings as just silly hormones and dramatics, but there are those of us who know that what starts out young can grow into something strong and lasting.

As for The Host. Wow, I love it. I remember when I read it the first time thinking it was way better than the Twilight books. If you like alien stories and conspiracy theories and people who rebel for freedom, you will love this book. So good.

The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins.

The third book following The Hunger Games and Catching Fire will be released in August (the 11th, I believe). I can’t wait to get it. These are supposed to be young adult books, but all the adults I know who have read them LOVE them. I heard the first book is going to be made into a movie, and I can’t wait. I love action movies, and this one will definitely be action packed. It’s about a teenage girl, Kat, who lives in the poorest district in her country. Each district has to send a boy and a girl to The Capital to be in the hunger games, where they fight to the death. Only one can survive, and that one will win a bounty of food for their district as well as life-long personal wealth. Kat must find a way to survive, but the idea of killing others, especially her friend from her own district, is appalling. This story is really a mix of politics (the Capital is pretty awful and uses the hunger games to keep the districts from uniting against it), friendship, and action. Lots of action. I can’t wait for the third one to come out.

So those are my must-read books. What books do you read over and over again?



Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support. She is still alive, but we aren’t sure that she’s really aware of anything going on right now. They found out that my Nana had had 3 seizures the day that her heart had stopped beating and her lung collapsed during surgery; one was a grand mal. They will get the results of her EEG back today, and hopefully that will tell us more. Please keep praying, and thank you.

16 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: Books I Read Again and Again”

  1. Fiction reading…
    – Lord of the Rings
    – Harry Potter

    It makes me sound uncultured or like I don’t read. But you know I do (it’s usually just other stuff).

    I do listen to a lot of podcasts though and I tend to listen to them over and over…
    – Stack Overflow
    – Reasonable Faith
    – 37signals
    – North Point
    – Passion
    – Hanselminutes
    – etc.

    Totally rationalizing with the whole podcasts-are-my-books thing but whatever.

    1. I don’t think you sound like you don’t read. I read a lot but only 3 authors made my read again and again list, and I’m sure someone could make fun of me for loving those books. That’s why I opened with a few authors I have read, so no one would think all I do is read about wizards and vampires, lol. But I know you read. =)

  2. I tried reading the Twilight Series. I really did, because I love fantasy… but I couldn’t finish. I’m not much of the type of romantic you’d need to eb to enjoy the series, I think, so I couldn’t get myself to read past the second book.

    I did love Harry Potter(enough to buy every book on release day) though I didn’t read it twice.

    The only book I’ve ever read more than once was Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier. It’s an older book from the 30’s but it’s easily one of, if not the favorite book in my reading repertoire.

    I bought an e- reader recently and it’s really ramped up my reading. Like zero to 15/bpm (books per month?). I finished reading A Series of Unfortunate Events. It’s 13 books long and the ending made me mad for like a day but I think it’s worth the read. Though, it’s so depressing I may not read it again.

    I also just started reading The Millenium Trilogy and I really like it so far. It’s a detailed book but so far it’s a good read.

    Some authors I have read repeatedly in the past include James Patterson & Tami Hoag.

    1. haha, I understand. Twilight is definitely not for everyone. At least you didn’t miss out on Harry Potter. =)

      I’ll have to check out Rebecca sometime. What kind of book is it?

      I can’t get myself excited about A Series of Unfortunate Events. It just seems too creepy and sad for me to want to start it. But you like The Millenium Trilogy? I’ve heard that The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a little strange. What do you think? I might check it out anyway.

      I’ve read some Patterson but not Hoag. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. My only real read again and again is The Shack by William P Young because each year something new is happening in my life and I have a completely different understanding of each part of the trilogy is just what I need at that time in my life. I read it at the beach every year!

    1. I have so many friends who love that book. I’m still trying to get through it. I read the first half, and I just haven’t gotten done with it yet. I want to though because I hate not to finish a book and because I heard that I’m just at where it gets better. =)

  4. I think you have some pretty good taste in books 🙂 I have read all the Harry Potter books…. those are prob. the best books ever. They are super long, but super quick reads!!! I never wanted to put those down!

    I have read the Twilight books as well. That series started off great and ended with a flop in my eyes. I wasn’t happy at all with the last book. I’m reading The Host, and so far really like it! I am def. going to check out The Hunger Games trilogy! Super excited about that 🙂

    I’m sure you have read Nicholas Sparks, but if you are looking for a romantic, beachy read… He’s the perfect author 🙂 I also like Ted Dekker’s books! OOO… and Jodi Picoult writes some intense, but interesting books! If I think of any more, I will let you know 🙂

    1. =) Yay! I think you’ll love them. They are so great.

      That’s funny that you didn’t like Breaking Dawn. I think it’s my favorite in the series. I definitely wish that some things about it were different…she left some stuff unanswered and should have destroyed the Volturi in my opinion. I would have loved a good fight scene there at the end. But I loved the way Edward and Bella’s life turned out and how things worked out for Jacob too. (Trying to be vague for anyone who hasn’t read it but might.) I bet you’ll like The Host more than Twilight since it disappointed you at the end.

      As for Harry Potter, oh girl, you know I’m with you on how awesome they are. I love them so much.

      I have read most or all of N. Spark’s books, but I will have to check out Dekker and Picoult. Thanks!

  5. So get this. Remember the time you lent me all your Harry Potter books (before the 7th one was out yet) and MADE me read them, because you really thought I didn’t deserve my MA in English if I hadn’t read them? Well I’ve got a confession. I read all 6 that were out at the time. And they were addicting, I’ll admit that. But they were also really oppressive…so I never read the 7th one. I just didn’t enjoy them after book 2 – they were too sad, and nobody ever seemed happy in those books. Ah, well. Life goes on. (Or does it? I never read to find out…)

    Anyway, here’s what I read over and over again:
    Jane Austen’s entire works
    L.M. Montgomery’s entire works (the Anne of Green Gables woman)
    Lori Wick’s stuff
    Linda Chaikin’s stuff
    Charles Dickens’ stuff
    Shakespeare’s stuff

    …at least, that’s what I’ve read again so far THIS year. I usually read these 3-5 times each year. I’ve never enjoyed modern fiction like the Twilight stuff, for some reason, so I never read it, even though everyone else does. I’m not sure why.

  6. …by the way. I saw on your March post that you were ordering more LM Montgomery stuff from the library. May I suggest a couple? Jane of Lantern Hill is AWESOME. I read it when I’m sad, when I’m happy, or when I’m tired of winter and want it to be spring again. Also, I love Pat of Silver Bush and Mistress Pat. They’re happy and homey books. A good winter read. (Although I’m in the middle of them right now, and it’s about to be July.) I read these at least 5 times a year. And yes, I can quote them.

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