They Did Name Her After A Queen

So, one of my best friends, Esther, is six months pregnant. Yes, Esther from the other half of the “let’s be Indian princesses and get covered in poison ivy” chapter of my life…and many other chapters of my life.. And, to make matters even more fun, her older brother Henry and his wife Dana, are a couple months behind her on the road to parenthood. We’re super close to them also, and we’re so excited for their whole family. From no grandkids to two grandkids in one season. It’s awesome.

Something to know about Esther is that she has always been a little (read: A LOT) fancy. In fact, she was “Fancy Nancy” come to life as a child. Which I guess makes sense…they did name her after a beautiful queen. She has a great sense of style and is the fashionista of our foursome (Claire, Esther, Me, and Natalie who grew up together), with a degree in fashion merchandising from FSU and a natural gift for art. So, when my mom and I sat down to plan out her baby shower, we wanted to do things a little differently than we normally do. We took some ideas from different event planners (who may or may not be mentioned on Friday), and we infused them into our decor.

Instead of flowers, baby-related items, etc. that you usually see as decorations on the main table at a baby shower, we went with big, pink ostrich feathers stuck down into strands of pearls. These were in the background and on either side of the three tiers of oreo truffles in milk and white chocolate drizzled in pink.

Another element we loved was to have everything lined up. You can’t really tell in this photo, but everything was basically in lines. The carrots and cucumbers are more obvious. But here there was a dip lined behind the veggies, whipped cream lined up behind the strawberries, chocolate mouse behind (but not with) the crackers and cheese ball. And behind all of that was a tray with napkins in pink and white, a tray lined with said napkins holding lines of stacked silver spoons, and a stack of plates. Having everything in an organized, lined vertical format on the table draws the eye. I might have to try this in more obvious ways at the next party I help throw.

Normally vertical lines would be more obvious simply because you could spread it out over the whole table. But at this party, the table was serving double duty. All the food was on one side. And on the other, we had a punch bowl full of pink lemonade, two pitchers of water, and lines of glasses rimmed with pink sugar. Most had lemons but some did not, so people could go without lemon if they preferred. Of course, it’s kind of hard to see the glasses in this picture as they’re clear.

I also made a banner to go on the front of the table. It serves double duty because when the party’s over, it gets packed up and sent home with Ess-the-Mess so it can hang up at the hospital when Charlotte is born. (And so help me, I ironed and ironed that tablecloth, but it was clearly resisting in some places. It’s bothering me so much to see it in the pictures. It wasn’t really that noticeable in person.) I intended the banner to be in pinks and browns, but my printer was low on ink and printed a purply grey instead, so, short on time, I went with it.

Here’s the whole table…well, all that would fit in the picture. My 50mm lens definitely doesn’t always let me get everything I want in a shot.

And then there’s the mom-to-be herself. I can’t claim any credit with her beauty. She looked stunning, which is pretty much par for the course as far as Esther’s concerned. Here she is after opening a gift from my mom- a pretty dress and a sweet little pearl bracelet that has a charm on it that’s engraved with the initials for Charlotte, Esther’s baby girl. Esther’s wearing a pearl bracelet in this picture too, I just realized. As my mama said, “every well-bred, Southern girl should have some pearls.” Welcome to the south, y’all.

My mom couldn’t be at the shower because she had to go to Savannah to be with her mom the day before. The other hostesses, Claire, Natalie, and Mrs. Lynn (Claire’s mom) were so awesome. I would have been overwhelmed if they hadn’t been there to help me. They were calling all day to see what they could do extra to help, to see if I needed them early, and to make sure I could handle my part and my mom’s both or did I want help with her share. They are so great. All but Mrs. Lynn are pictured below…well…she is pictured below in the background…washing dishes…while we goof off after the shower.

Me, Esther, Natalie, Claire. We’re a dignified bunch.

I can’t wait to meet Charlotte. I just hope she’s not too embarrassed of her mom’s friends.


7 thoughts on “They Did Name Her After A Queen”

  1. I’m sure she won’t be embarrassed by her mom’s friends…she’ll fit right in with our big crew of goofs!

    Everything looks gorgeous – I wish I could have been there!!

  2. Meghan,

    Love the blog…as always!!!! Thank you so much for everything you did. I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful baby shower. It was lovely!!! Perfect!!! And the banner is perfect. I have it hanging on the crib now. I couldn’t bare to leave it packaged up till the birth!!! You were the perfect southern host and you made me and the rest of the crowd feel special on a day when I know it was hard to do so. You are a truly amazing friend. I hope to see you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Much Love,

    1. Aww! Thanks, Ess. I had a great time seeing all the cute little things that Charlotte will be playing with and wearing! It’s so fun to imagine her personality and crazy to think she’ll be here soon. Of course we want to celebrate her and you! It was fun to do that. I love you!

  3. The shower (and Esther, of course!) was beautiful! Everyone did such a great job! What a cool idea to do the banner! I can’t wait to see Charlotte in all of her new clothes and playing with her toys! 🙂

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