Sam is…

My baby who needs a cuddle when there’s lightening. And she’ll get cuddled even though I’m tired from working all day and taking a baby to the pool and just want to read. She gets that cuddle because I’m her mama.

More comfortable when on the ground if in a frog-like position. See her back legs?

Sleeping with her head hanging off the bed.

Confused about how her ears got like that. (It was Tom, Sam. He pushed them over.)

Clearly not ashamed about pulling the fluff out of our backyard furniture’s holey cushions. (I’ve since sewn them up. Problem solved.) And neither is her brother.

Looking funny when she sits like a dog instead of with her legs sprawled out like a human. Maybe because she’s just so narrow.

Still picture perfect.

The name I wanted when I was a little girl. I always wished I was a Samantha so that I could go by “Sam” and “Sammy.” When we got the pups, I picked the name Liam, and Tom picked the name Sam. But we both threw boy and girl names out there to consider. Samantha was one I suggested. I’m glad he picked it. It suits her perfectly. And now there’s a Sam in our family. =)

I love my little girl.


3 thoughts on “Samantha”

    1. That’s the same thing Mom asked me when we first got them!

      We’ll just name the kid after the dog, like Indiana Jones. Obviously.

      Just kidding! Sam is our one and only Samantha. I have other names for little girls I might have some day.

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