Friday Favorite: Birthday Rewards on the Cheap

Over the last year, I feel like I have signed up for so many coupons, discount sites, and rewards clubs (that don’t require you opening a credit card) that I can’t keep track of them all. Actually, I can’t keep track of them all because I don’t even remember them all.

So when my birthday rolled around in June, it was fun to see the random things that just showed up in the mail or in my email. One thing I noticed is that in order to get anything out of most of those rewards, you have to spend a hefty chunk as well. I mean, I love Stoney River, but $20 off a $75 dinner is still leaving me with a quite a chunk to pay. Yes, I could get something like a burger and spend less, but if I’m going there, I’m having steak, people. At Maggiano’s, I could get a free entrée with the purchase of an entrée. I didn’t think that sounded bad. But then I checked and found that it’s a free entrée for your NEXT visit after your birthday. So you pay for your birthday and get a free meal next time. I started getting picky, going through and seeing how much it would cost me to get a reward. These were the best deals out there:

1. Bruster’s Sweet Rewards Program. This is something I signed up for last summer, too late to get anything on my birthday. Every now and then I get an email from them offering me a deal on something. For my birthday, it was to buy an ice cream and waffle cone and get another free. So Tom got himself what he wanted, and I got myself a waffle cone with Chocolate Lover’s Trash ice cream. So yummy. And they don’t skimp either; I got plenty of ice cream in my cone. Tom and I even tried to light a birthday candle in it for me to blow out. The wind messed with it the first time, but I got it after we re-lit the candle.

And also, a week or two later, I got the same offer again. This time, it was because it was the anniversary of my signing up for the rewards club. Wow. I like company who remembers an anniversary that I didn’t even remember. And now I can get more Chocolate Lover’s Trash. You’ve gotta try it.

2. Disney Movie Rewards. I signed up for this more recently, and I haven’t yet used any of the (very few) points that I have. I didn’t even realize that you got a birthday bonus from them. But you do, and it’s good. They sent me this offer: they picked 5 different Disney movies that are on Blu-Ray. Of those, I got to pick one of them, and they sent it to me free of charge. All I had to cover was the less than $3 shipping. Yes, please. I would have gotten Enchanted off their list because it was the best option, but I already own it. So I got Meet the Robinsons. The dinosaur in the preview makes me laugh every time. A free blu-ray movie from Disney? I’ll take that any day.

3. Zaxby’s Zax Mail Club. When you sign up for this club, you get a free meal from them. And then on your birthday, you get a postcard to redeem for a free nibbler. It’s not a lot of food, but you don’t have to purchase anything else to get it. So if you just want a snack on the go, you could swing through Zaxby’s and get a free nibbler.

4. Pizza Hut Birthday Club. I really don’t remember signing up for this at all, but maybe it’s something I did in the “my hut” section of their site when I ordered online from them once. Tom and I LOVE pizza, and we love Pizza Hut. So when they offered us a free Hershey’s dessert if we ordered any menu priced large pizza from them, and when we saw that all the pizzas are $10 each on the menu, we decided to throw the code in for the free dessert. I have to be honest…neither of us liked the dessert. But we didn’t have to pay for it. So no biggie. And if you do like it, you can get it for free when your birthday rolls around, so long as you were planning to get a pizza anyway.

5. Victoria’s Secret Angel Rewards. I’m not linking to it for two reasons. One, you can only get this if you have a VS Angel Card (their credit card), and I don’t want to go encouraging people to find another way to get into debt. And two, they have mostly naked chicks all over their site, even where it’s just talking about credit cards. It’s like they can’t help themselves. Anyway, IF you have one of these cards or just signed up for one recently, you can look forward to $10 off any Angel Card purchase. I didn’t use mine because Tom and I try not to use credit cards much, but here’s what I liked about this offer: You don’t have to purchase a certain amount in order to use it. If you went in and got $10 worth of underwear or some bra on sale for $10, you would walk out of there with free clothes. I like that.

Okay, those are my best deals for birthday rewards. Are there any other great offers out there where you don’t have to pay a lot to get a reward? Please tell!


4 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: Birthday Rewards on the Cheap”

  1. Here are a few that I got off a great website at

    1) Baskin Robbins will send you a coupon for a free 2.5 oz scoop of ice cream on your birthday plus other special promotions when you join the Baskin Robbins Birthday Club.

    2) Get a free ice cream treat on your birthday when you become a ChunkSpelunker with Ben & Jerry’s.

    3) Benihana – Join “The Chef’s Table” and receive a Benihana Birthday Dinner certificate worth $30 to use during the month of your birthday. This is James and my FAVORITE Japanese steakhouse anywhere, hands down. We love the one in Georgetown, but I’m not sure they have it in Atlanta.

    4) Get a coupon for a free 6” sub on your birthday at Blimpie’s.

    5) Blue Bell Ice Cream – Members of the Blue Bell Country Club will receive a gift certificate for a free half gallon of Blue Bell Ice Cream during the month of their birthday.

    6) Chevy’s – Join Chevys Compadres Club and get a free dessert on your birthday.

    7) Cold Stone Creamery will send you an email with a coupon for a free ice cream creation to enjoy on your birthday.

    8) You can come into Cracker Barrel on your birthday and you will get a free dessert and song.

    9) Join the Dairy Queen Blizzard Fan Club and get a free ice cream cone on your birthday as well as a coupon for a blizzard when you join.

    10) Dave & Busters – Get a free $5 game card credit on your birthday.

    11) Discovery Cruise Line – You get a free one-day cruise from Ft. Lauderdale to the Bahamas. You do have to make the trip with another fare-paying adult and will have to shell out the $20 for the Bahama departure and harbor fee.

    12) Helzberg Diamonds – Sign up for free email updates at Helzberg Diamonds and receive a coupon for free pearl earrings for your birthday.

    13) Hollywood Video – free rental on your birthday

    14) Come on into Macaroni Grill on your birthday and get a free dessert plus a song.

    15) Moe’s Southwest Grill – Get a coupon for a free Moe’s entree (excludes fajitas) on your birthday when you choose to “stay in the moe.”

    16) Get a free Olan Mills portrait package that includes (1) 8X10, (2) 5X7 and (8) wallets when you join the birthday club.

    17) Get a free dessert and a song when you go to Outback Steakhouse on your birthday.

    18) PF Changs – Come in and get a free dessert on your birthday.

    19) Sephora – Sign up as a Beauty Insider and get a free gift from Sephora on your birthday.

    20) Disney World – Free admission on your birthday when you register in advance and bring the confirmation along with an ID.

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