A Reminder

There have been a few times in our marriage that Tom and I have been in a situation that we weren’t sure how to handle. So we would pray. And then the answer would literally arrive via mail or a phone call. We’d be left staring at each other, wide-eyed in amazement, holding the solution to our problems like it had fallen straight from God’s hands to ours. And I really do think that in those times, God was reminding us that when the world is out of our control, it’s not out of His. And that when we trust Him to provide a way, He will. It won’t always be in a way we would like or in an obvious way, but it will be a way, nonetheless.

I had another reminder of God’s provision yesterday. I was keeping Will, and we had to get out of the house because a realtor was coming by to show it to some prospective buyers. I decided to take him down 985 to the Target in Buford. I needed to pick up some stuff, but I also wanted to take him to look at the toys (his birthday is next week). Eventually, I figured the realtor was done, Will and I were both hungry, and he needed a nap. It was time to head back.

I pulled out onto the road, and after a few minutes, I heard a very loud thumping noise. And then I noticed that my car was shaking. At first I thought it might actually be shaking because of the proximity to the huge truck in front of me, but I slowed down to see if it helped. My car was still thumping and shaking. “Great. Just perfect,” I thought. “I can’t get on 985 with my car doing this, especially with a baby in the backseat. If my car breaks down, we will both die of heatstroke in the July heat, and I don’t have my AAA membership anymore. I’ll pull over at the next place and see what’s going on.”

So I did. I pulled into the next place, and I got out. Flat tire. MAJORLY flat. Not like, “Oh, there’s a knot in the tire” or “Oh, a nail is sticking out.” It was more like this (I didn’t take a picture, so I borrowed this one):

Only it looked even flatter, if that’s possible. I was really worried the wheel itself was gonna crack. “Now what?” I asked myself. And then I looked up and saw where I was. I had pulled into a Discount Tire center. That had been “the first place” that I could pull over.

Thank you, Thank you, Lord.

I pulled the car around front, just as a guy who worked there was walking out. “Excuse me, can you help me?” I called out to him, with my window rolled down. “Sure,” he replied.

“I’ve got a flat, and a baby with me. Can I get this fixed right away? Please?” I asked. I had been eying their parking spots that were “for appointments only.” But he said, “Of course. Why don’t you park and then bring him in. I’ll help you as soon as you’re inside.”

Yay! I really needed a nice person right then or my day would have taken even more of a nosedive. And having Will with me definitely added to my damsel in distress appearance. Turns out John (that’s the guy who helped me) has a two-year-old little girl, and he said he’d want someone to help out if his daughter and fiancée were stranded like that. Nice guy.

Anyway, 30 minutes and $66 later, I had a brand new tire on my car that was the same brand as the one that had gotten a flat. So all my tires still match, which I like. And $66? For a tire? That really is a discount.

If I had gotten a flat even two minutes later, I would have had to get towed somewhere, and I wouldn’t have even known where to ask to get taken to. Will and I would have been stuck for who knows how long. And I don’t even want to think about how much everything would have cost me from start to finish of that process. And how insane I would have been by the time that was done. Thirty minutes with a sleepy, hungry baby in an unexpected side trip was enough, thank you.

All of that to say, I felt very looked after yesterday. I feel like God saved me from a stressful day, and it was a good reminder that He is in control.

And now I know where to go for inexpensive tires.


9 thoughts on “A Reminder”

  1. I have a funny story about flat tires. It’s long but it involved 3 cars and how I finally learned how to fix my own flat. Haha.

    Nice find on the cheap tires. 🙂

      1. So a few friends and I were going down to Pine Mountain, Ga just to spend a Saturday. We took four cars total and had a good time. On the way back.. my car got a flat. The tire didn’t rip so we thought we could inflate it. We pulled into a neighborhood near Newnan. It’s dark at this time.. like 10:30 or so. People have to get back home so one car leaves for Atlanta and only three people remain. Myself and my car, Jeremy and his car, and our friend Paz and his car.

        Paz drives us to Wal-mart where we get an inflation kit and we come back and try to inflate my car. While we’re doing this, Jeremy’s back wheel suddenly deflates. Nobody knows why. So now we have two flat tires. It’s dark so Paz turns on his car’s headlights while we work on our cars. The inflator isn’t working now so we need fix-a-flat so he drives us again to the wal-mart and we get some fix-a-flat and for fun we get new LED tire caps for fun. Back to the neighborhood streets, and we finally get both cars running. Then when Paz gets in his car it won’t start because he had his powerful headlights on too long. We have to jump his car and finally I get home. The next day I drop off my brother at his high school and my wheel goes flat right there. I’m going to be late to work.. by a lot.

        At this point I just go “oh screw this”, pull out my phone, youtube how to change my flat and then change it using the spare tire in the back. So I learned how to change my tire out of sheer spite and a lot of angry.

        But hey, I know how to change my tire now which is awesome.

        1. Nice! Though it still would have been annoying to have to do that before work. (Or in my case, on the side of the highway with a baby in the July heat.) But still, a useful skill to have.

  2. We got new tires from Discount Tire and on Jennifer’s car before we headed out from Atlanta. We could not have been happier with their service and will definitely go back to them for any future tire/wheel work on our cars.

    1. Awesome. I’m so glad to hear that they have consistently good service, because Tom and I were so excited about their prices, we plan to use them again. And the one I stopped at is only about 10 minutes or less from our house. yay!

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