Friday Favorite: Movies Galore via Netflix

Tom and I LOVE movies. We try to have a stay-at-home, order pizza, hang out in our pj’s style movie-night once a weekend. We haven’t been able to do that as often as we’d like this summer, but summers are always a bit hectic. Tom and I don’t often pay to go see movies (though we are seeing Inception at the IMAX near our house on Saturday, yay!) because of the cost. And we like to kick back in our house because we’re homebodies. So our date-night-in is perfect for us.

We noticed pretty quickly in the first few months of our marriage how much it was costing us, though. We would spend $20 a month at Blockbuster, and we were only seeing one movie a week.

It just seemed ridiculous. So we looked into Netflix and Redbox.

Here’s the thing about Redbox. I like them. It only costs $1 to rent a movie. So, they are really inexpensive, if you return the movie withing 24 hours. If you are someone who forgets to return movies the next day or something comes up and you decide to watch the movie later, you’ve just put yourself in line to pay a dollar a day for the movie. That doesn’t sound too bad. But say that you get the movie on Friday to watch that night. Your friends call and invite you to something you really want to go to. You decide to watch the movie Saturday. But Saturday, you never get around to it or already had plans because you were supposed to have your date night on Friday. Sunday, you go to church, come home, make lunch, eat, spend some time with family, make dinner, eat again, and realize that you have work in the morning and no time to watch a movie. You either watch it Monday or return it Monday, never having seen it. Well, you’ve just payed Redbox the same amount of money you would have paid to Blockbuster. And maybe that scenario sounds silly, but I bet it happens more often than you would think.

I do use Redbox sometimes: when I have a code to get a free movie AND know I can return it the next day. Redbox does occasionally email out freebie codes or put them on Facebook. If you can return the movie the next day, you just scored a free rental. If you’re a day late, you’ve only paid what you would have for a one day rental. That’s not too bad.

But Netflix was the winner in our household. We love it. For less than half of what we were paying with Blockbuster, we were having movies sent to our door one after the other, all month long. As soon as we finished one, we would mail it back to Netflix, and they would send us another. We would have it in a few days. But there is no set date that we had to return it to them by. We could keep the movie for a long time, with the understanding that we wouldn’t receive another until they got the one we had out back.

We were able to look at the queue of movies we had on their site and move whatever we were in the mood for to the top so we would receive it next. We could also stream movies and television shows that they had online straight to our tv, and that didn’t count as our movie that was “out.” It’s great.

Recently, Tom and I changed our subscription to 2 movies out at a time. We mainly did this because there are a lot of shows we wanted to watch that were not available to stream to our tv. We wanted to get them on DVD to watch, but we didn’t want to give up our movies either. So, we upgraded. For us to get 8 or more movies a month from Netflix is still less expensive than renting just 4 movies from Blockbuster a month. In fact it’s about $6 less. While getting at least twice as much. What?! That’s crazy.

So if you regularly watch movies and are still renting from Blockbuster or some other store, you really should check out Netflix. Just compare how much you spend per month versus how much you would spend with Netflix. You might find that you could save yourself some money.


10 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: Movies Galore via Netflix”

  1. We may find ourselves going to the 2 a month as well. Sylvia and I just started watching ‘Criminal Minds.’ It was accidental really as we turned it on by accident one day and just kept watching. It happened to be a marathon so we watched like 3 episodes and we were hooked. Now we have 4 full seasons to catch up on!

    It’s funny but for awhile there, Netflix was in a bit of trouble. First there was the allegations that Netflix was delaying shipments of DVD’s based on usage. They first denied it and then said it was true. Blockbuster started their own mailing service and had that plan where you could get 3 DVD’s, return them to the store, get 3 DVD’s from the store and then the 3 you had in your queue would get mailed out the next day. The problem for BB was they decided on the fly that losing money on the deal and started telling everybody, “Hey, if you want to remain in this plan, we’re taking it from $19.99 to $32.99 per month.” It went right downhill.

    Netflix put themselves over the top when they started the live streaming. I remember listening to the Leo Laporte ‘This Week In Tech’ podcast a few years when they started this and John C. Dvorak said, “It sounds like a loser.” Oops.

    1. Yeah, I would definitely have to disagree that the streaming is a “loser” idea. I love it. Tom and I watch 30Rock from it. And we’ve used it to get something to watch when nothing we feel like watching is on TV some week nights.

      I didn’t realize that Blockbuster had gone from $19.99 to $32.99 per month. That’s ridiculous. It doesn’t even cost $19.99 for Netflix’s 2-DVD at a time plan. And no, there’s not a store, but I like that I don’t have to drive. =)

      1. Yeah, I love the streaming and wish they had all their content streaming. I know that’s where they would like to go, but I doubt they’ll have enough customers that have enough bandwidth to stream in Blu-Ray quality that they could eve exclusively stream content.

        Jennifer and I love Netflix. We use it a lot and one thing I like is that they make it really easy to put on hold while we are moving around and then resuming it later.

        1. I wish they had it all where it could be streaming too. But I’ll survive with DVDs. haha I wondered how that was working for y’all since y’all move so much these days. That’s awesome that y’all haven’t had any trouble with it.

  2. We love Netflix. We’ve had subscription with them for years now. We do 3 a month for $19. The kids have movies and so do we. It’s our favorite date-night-in as well! Babysitters cost too much!! 🙂 (You and Anneka are still our favorite sitters!)

    1. =) You’re still one of the best people to sit for! =) I think it’s smart to have 3 DVDs with Netflix at a time when you’ve got 3 kids! When Tom and I have kids old enough to want to watch certain movies, we might upgrade too. They can get one or two while we have one or two. Perfect! Good idea!

  3. We’re waiting until winter to sign up for Netflix — since its miserable and rainy all the time, there’s really nothing else to do but hunker down and watch a good movie most evenings. I’m really excited about it!!!

  4. We will probably sign up for Netflix again when we no longer live in St. Louis. We had it awhile back, and we discovered that this is a dead zone for that company. The movies often take 2 weeks to arrive, and often they never do show up at all. I’m not sure why, but it just doesn’t work right here…like so many other things…

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