If you’ve read my posts about books consistently, you’ll know that I LOVE The Hunger Games Trilogy. I reviewed it twice, once in January and again in June. The first book, The Hunger Games, and the second book, Catching Fire, were so captivating, fast-paced, and packed with suspense, danger, and action that I couldn’t put them down.

The final book of the trilogy is slated to come out on August 24th, and I can’t wait. I’m SO excited. I search for it every now and then to see if any new buzz has come out about it, but all I would see is that “the third book is due out in August.” But yesterday I finally saw that it has been named and even has cover art online. The third book is to be called Mockingjay. Here’s the cover:

I had a miniature freak-out at the computer when I saw this. I am so pumped. Elizabeth and Austin (Will’s parents) were so sweet and gave me a gift card to Barnes & Noble for my birthday. It’s been designated for Mockingjay from the moment I saw it. Elizabeth is even reading my copy of the books, and she just finished The Hunger Games and is now reading Catching Fire. I’m trying to get the word out to anyone I can because these books are a lot to miss out on if you love to read.

In other exciting news for fans of the trilogy, The Hunger Games is being turned into a movie. Lionsgate has bought the rights, and Suzanne Collins is writing the screenplay herself. If it’s anything like the books (which it might not be because of the somewhat gory violence), it is going to be awesome. I remember thinking so many times as I read it that it would make a great action/thriller movie. Tom and I will definitely be seeing this in theater. I just want to get Tom to read the books first. (He said he will, but he has too many other things lined up first. This drives me nuts. I had to bug him for years to read Harry Potter, and, when he did, he loved those books. I know he’ll like these too, but it’s almost impossible to fight his schedule.)

But listen up folks: You need to read The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. Then you need to get yourself to a book store by August 24th to get Mockingjay. If you like to read, you don’t want to miss this.


7 thoughts on “Mockingjay”

  1. Well you sound so excited about it, I’m intrigued. I read the synopsis and it sounds like an interesting fantasy.

    I need to find a cheap place to buy e-books. Or find a local e-book library.

    1. Yay! They are SO good. I bet most “physical book” libraries would have them too. But you said you do better reading if it’s on your e-reader. I hope you get them soon!

  2. Okay okay, I’m in. I’ll trade you reads (like I traded Davey to get him to read the Twilight series).

    I will read the Hunger Games series, if you will read the Eragon series. I just finished the 2nd book, and I think you’d really like them. So, when I’m done with the 3rd Eragon book, and if the fourth one hasn’t come out yet, I will start reading the Hunger Games.

    What say you to my trading offer? 🙂

    1. Hmm…to be honest, I’m really bad about follow-through with reading for books that I’m not in the mood to read. I don’t want to promise I’ll read it and then not follow through. I actually have the first two books in that series and read them in college before Davey had read them. I thought they were okay, but I felt like the author just pulled inspiration of ideas and themes from The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and other stories I knew. I felt like I could guess what was coming next, and in that type of book, I need to have more suspense. I was going to stick with it just to finish the series, but when the third book turned into a third AND fourth book, I just couldn’t get the motivation to keep going.

      So, I can’t promise a trade…I don’t know if I’d keep my end of the bargain. But if I ever get the bug to pick up the third and fourth books, I will definitely let you know. And I hope you read this trilogy anyway. They really are great books!

      1. Understandable.

        I also understand your frustration with the Eragon Inheritance series and how it pulls from LOTR and Star Wars. I made fun of it several times to Davey while I was reading: “from whence it came” and “I am your father”. But, they’re still pretty enjoyable reads.

        I’ll go ahead and add the Hunger Games to my stack 🙂

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