Friday Favorite: The Fitbit

Tom is pretty much part droid. The dude walks around with a Fitbit on, runs with a Nike Plus, and works with computers all day. He carries a cell phone, and he has a flip and an iPod that travel with him.

Me? Not so much. (Besides my cell. And my slr, which shouldn’t count.)

Until now.

I finally decided to get the Fitbit. And I love it. Let me tell you something- if you are looking for a pedometer, look no further. This thing ROCKS. Here’s why:

It’s small, and it slides onto your clothes.


This is awesome because you don’t have to wear something that looks like a watch or clips to your shoe. Ladies, it was specifically designed so that we could clip it to our bras if we needed to wear something like a dress. HELLO. Love that.

It comes with a belt clip, but I don’t recommend it. Tom and I have both had ours come out from the belt clip. Now we both wear ours as is.

It can hold a charge for a week, and you don’t need to remember to upload info.

Why is that? Because the docking station, as seen above (next to the quarter), will automatically send the information to your profile on their website for you. You don’t have to put the fitbit onto the docking station for this to happen. The fitbit will automatically search for the station every 15 minutes. If you are near the station, it will dump the information. If not, it will store the information (up to 7 days) and search for a station once a minute until it finds it and can dump the info again. Then it will take a fifteen minute break.

To charge the fitbit, simply place it on the docking station for about an hour to an hour and a half. Then it’s good to go for another week.

The website is super helpful.

It allows you to follow your weight, food intake, activity, sleep and more. Let me show you.

First you set up your profile. (There’s an entire community within fitbit, and you can share as much or as little information about yourself with them as you want from your profile. You can also add friends who use fitbit so you can keep up with each others’ progress.)

Here are all the things you can track:

And a bit more in depth…Here’s a look at how the food looks.

First, you click on “Food” and are taken here.

Then you type in something you have eaten. It will give you either just the item, or the item with brand and restaurant options. You want to be as accurate in nutritional content as possible.

Then, all of your foods are shown throughout the day as you entered them:

It’s great.

Another thing I love tracking is my sleep. Now I know why I’m so tired in the morning even when I don’t remember waking up during the night. (I never do remember my sleep walking/talking/laughing/singing/punching/etc.) So what you do is: when you get in bed, press the little button down on the fitbit (see picture above) until it says START. Then, when you wake up, press the button again until it says STOP. Then you can hop online to see how active you were in your sleep.

See that pretty active spot around 3:28AM? That’s when Sam and Liam decided it would be a good idea if mom took them out to potty and got them some water before going back to bed. Do I have dogs or toddlers here?

Okay, there’s also an activity tracker. Say you go swimming and have to take the fitbit off or are cycling and it might not read it accurately. You can update your profile with those active times. This also shows how many calories I’d burned and steps I’d taken at the last information upload.

Of course, it generally just tracks you throughout the day, and you can see that too.

But you don’t have to get online to see all of this information. You can check how many steps you’ve taken, calories you’ve burned, miles you’ve walked, and just how generally active you are at the moment just by pushing the button on the fitbit.


The more active you are, the more the flower grows. As I sit here typing this, my flower is pretty short. But an hour ago, when I was playing with Will, it was medium-tall. On my walks with Tom, it’s as tall as the one in the picture above.

It comes with all the accessories you need.


The docking station, the wristband (for sleep), and the beltclip all come with it! You don’t have to pay extra for all the things you’ll want or need.

The customer service kicks boo-tay.

How often do you get to write THAT in a review? But it’s true. I am actually on my second fitbit, and here’s why. The weekend that Tom and I went to Molena, and I decided to run up and down the road for pictures, my fitbit came flying off (I was using the beltclip), and we didn’t realize it until we were home…two hours away. Even if we could have called someone to look for it, it was this teeny-tiny, black piece of technology on a dirt road at night. No one was gonna find that thing. It was gone. And it was the first day I wore it. I cried on the way home.

I emailed them telling them what happened, and they sent me a new fitbit immediately, free of charge. (It was still under warranty.) They even sent me a response that was obviously not a generic email.

Hi Meghan. We’d like to accommodate you with a replacement Fitbit. Your replacement order is 9XBRPMB. We’re sorry to hear that your first one fell off while running and we really appreciate your patience during our back order process. By the way, if this helps, some women wear their Fitbit in the center of their bra or sport bra and report that it stays secure. Thank you for your patience!

Tom and I looked at each other when this email came and raised our eyebrows. We’re not used to that kind of response. My fitbit arrived about a week later.

Here’s the bottom line.

The Fitbit rocks. For $99 you can have a fitbit too. If you are active, like to track your activity, and/or are trying to lose weight, this is a good first step.

11 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: The Fitbit”

    1. I can totally see you using this. You’re so active! Tom and I like to compare our calories, steps, and miles when we go to bed every night. He always beats me. Even if we walked the EXACT same amount of steps in a day, he gets more on miles because of his stride and more on calories…I guess because he’s 1. a dude, and 2. in better shape than me. Lame.

  1. ummm, that thing is awesome! We’ve done the 10,000 step challenge at work a couple of times..but we have the really bad quality pedometer. I may have to get one of those little fitbits for myself!

    1. It’s fun to have. It’s a great motivator to do more in the day and eat better. I try now to always burn more calories than I eat, and I can see if I did. Last night, I was at 2498 calories, which was making me crazy (too close to 2500 not to round up), so I got out of bed and jumped up and down until I had burned over 2500. haha

  2. I’ve got a weird question. I eat more (a little more) because I am nursing. Does it count the calories that you lose from that? I think that Ella gets about 500-600 calories from me per day.

  3. What email did you use to contact them? I broke my belt clip today and was trying to find a way to contact them about getting a replacement.

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