Nanny Tips #1 & #2

I have been watching babies and kids since I was 14 years old. And then I taught kids (ages 2-11) Spanish for a year and a half. So I feel like I have a pretty good grip on what is what with kids and babies. But being a nanny…that just puts a WHOLE different spin on the info I’m gleaning. It’s like taking a crash course in being a stay-at-home mom.

So today, I’m sharing something I just learned in the last couple of weeks. Something I would have learned eventually by being a parent, maybe, but not by babysitting most likely. Only spending several days a week nannying the same child could teach me this.

First of all, being preventative with diaper rashes is way better than just treating them later. Will’s parents always wipe him down (for some reason, some people don’t feel the need to wipe babies-especially boy babies- when they just have a wet diaper) with a wet wipe. Then, before putting him in a new diaper, (here’s tip #1) they smear some vaseline on his behind and between where his thighs are connected to his… “diaper area.” Basically, smear it in any creases. It makes it so much less likely that the babe will get a rash, trust me.

But then…finally…it happened.

Poor, poor Will’s behind. He got a HORRIBLE diaper rash in his 11th month on this earth. (Still, 11 months when getting your first diaper rash-that’s pretty good.) I mean, it was painful people. We all felt bad for him. At first it looked like Desitin Maximum Strength would knock it out. Elizabeth had figured it to be a yeast infection on her child’s poor diaper zone, and the zinc in Desitin is supposed to fix that. It started to at first, but then it came back with a vengeance.

Austin’s mom is a nurse practitioner, and while she was in town for Will’s 1st birthday, they tried some medicine that’s a little stronger. (I can’t remember the name.) This didn’t help either. I ended up going to meet Elizabeth (who is a pediatric nurse), at her office for Will’s one year check up. It was great for me to be there because she would have had to repeat to me everything the doctor said anyway, so I just heard it first hand and saved her the time.

As he checked out the rash, he confirmed it was a yeast infection. Since the medicine Austin’s mom tried didn’t work, the doc knew not to prescribe it, and said sometimes yeast infections are resistant to it anyway. So then, he prescribed some other medicine (again, I don’t remember the name, sorry). Without insurance, it was $130.

Good. Night. That is some dang expensive diaper rash cream.

I’m not sure how much it would be with insurance, but he said it could be pretty pricey depending on how much the insurance would pay of it. So he had this suggestion, which is my second tip: Try a topical treatment of Monistat cream instead.

Huh?!? That’s for adults!

Well, really it’s for yeast infections. And it costs about 20 bucks. WAY cheaper to go over-the-counter on this one.

So how did it work? Will’s rash was 75% gone in two days. It was 98% gone a week later (there’s still a tiny bit of redness on one leg). Wow. Such a great way to save money and get rid of the worst diaper rash I’ve ever seen. I’m talking blistered, red, oozy skin on this poor baby’s bottom.

Who knew the answer would be so simple? I surely wouldn’t have had I not been Will’s nanny and privy to the info. These kinds of tips are things I’m storing away for when I’m a mom. You might think it’s gross, but trust me, if your child has a diaper rash like Will’s someday, you will thank me.


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  1. Andrew has gotten several of these due to being on antibiotics. Another cheap way to treat it is to get Lotrimin, the kind people use for athletes foot, or you can get the store brand. I thought it was weird at first but the pharmacist said it had the same active ingredients as the $130 prescription. It has worked for him every time.

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