Riff Raf

My brother, Jordan, and sister-in-law, Sarah, adopted a dog a few months ago. He’s now 5 months old and still cute as can be.

He is a Havanese. As in, his breed originated in Havana, Cuba. So, they named him Rafael. And call him Raf. Or Riff Raf, which I think is funny.

He barks at me in Spanish, and we get along famously. Thank goodness I trained animals for a while and minored in Spanish. It’s the perfect combination for communicating with him.

I have no idea what I’m talking about. Just rambling nonsense. Please ignore me.

But don’t ignore the way that his hair flies to and fro when he runs. It’s so funny. Sunday, I kept moving all over the yard and calling him so that he had to run to me. And then I’d laugh.

It’s starting…

Then it’s really flying…

Then back to normal…

Oh, so easily amused. It still makes me grin. I had to share that bit of laughter inducing fur with you.

But now I’ve gotta go edit these pictures. Raf’s mom and dad want some photos of their pup, and I offered my services.

Ciao, perrito! (That was for Raf. I’m not calling y’all puppies.)


4 thoughts on “Riff Raf”

  1. Awweee!!! I just saw this 🙂 The one that makes me giggle the most (of him) is the one where his ears are literally flying and he looks like Dumbo, hahaha! Love my little monster and THANK YOU so much for taking these awesome pics!!!

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