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A few people have asked me about my blog: what platform I use, what theme I use, how it got customized to look the way I wanted it to look. The answers are: WordPress, Standard Theme, and I’m married to a software engineer. Or, in more detail:

WordPress. I use WordPress as my blogging platform, and I love it. Before Tom and I were married, I used Blogspot for a blog. Tom used WordPress, and I was so jealous of how he was able to know how many people visited his site, what they searched for to find it, how many comments he’s had over the course of the blog, which posts were getting the most views, etc. Those were just statistics that I couldn’t access. But when we got married, I started using WordPress for and later for Loquacious Lady. It’s awesome. Here’s a screenshot that shows part of my dashboard:

Standard Theme. Standard Theme is the name of the WordPress theme that my blog is built on top of and that Tom customized for me. Basically, people create and sell themes for WordPress. You buy the one (or download one, if it’s free) that best suits your needs, and you customize it to look the way YOU want it to look instead of just as it is when you purchase it. This is where I got lucky. Being married to a Techie has its perks, one of which is that when I wanted a customized blog/website, Tom gave me lots of time and attention so that he could take it from this (which isn’t bad):

to this (which is just more my personality):

So, how did I decide to go with Standard Theme? Actually, that was pretty easy. Tom is part of The 8BIT Team, and 8BIT is in charge of Standard Theme. I happen to know that Tom is one of the most anal-to-the-point-of-OCD, precise, efficient coders out there because A.) He studied computer science for four years and has a degree in it, and that’s the method that works best for him, B.) I’m married to him, so we’ve had a lot of discussions about this stuff (plus, he’s actually shown me what he considers good code and bad code for the same projects, and there IS a difference), and C.) He loves what he does and takes pride in his work, so he does it to the best of his ability. And his ability in this area is pretty stinkin’ great, even if he’s too modest to say so.

Knowing this about Tom, I deduced that if he is willing to associate his name with a product in his industry, it’s because it’s a product worth having. Then, taking into account that he was the person who would customize the theme to my specifications, I figured it would also be nice if he already knew the theme inside and out. He gave me the site I wanted, and I’ve been very happy with it.

I’m not doing this Friday Favorite to give Tom or 8BIT a plug. I’m doing it because I love my site. I really do. So, what I do when I love a product or a brand or a store, is I feature it on Fridays. And that is why I’m going to let Tom tell you about Standard Theme. Because, to be honest, I’m not really an expert on what makes for good code and what “good” code can do for your site. But don’t tell anyone.

So, instead of me, Tom broke down what to expect with Standard Theme:

  • Built for Search Engine Optimization. People often search the web much more than they actually browse the web. If you want your site and/or blog to be recognized by search engine, it’s important that a site have an optimized code base.
  • Fast Load Speed. No one likes waiting for content to download, so I argue that speed is a feature. The theme ships with a core set of functionality built in so that no additional plug-ins should be needed. We’ve deliberately avoided bloat in order to increase speed.
  • Customizable. Only a weird breed of people actually like writing code. It’s much easier to make changes to the design by twisting a few knobs and toggling a few buttons, so all of that functionality is provided.
  • Support, Upgrades, Plug-ins, and More. The team also offers customers who buy the support license: support, lifetime upgrades, additional plug-ins, customizations and more that we release on a monthly basis.

Got it? Good. Because, really, I love using it. And so will you. Don’t blog without it!


19 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: Standard Theme”

  1. Very nice looking blog indeed. I can see the benefits of being married to a techie…must be like being married to a doctor or something 😉

    Can I ask what kind of plugin you use to check your stats from inside the dashboard?

    1. Thanks! Yes, being married to a techie is VERY like having a doctor in the family. Which is why we call my dad for free medical advice and medicine and why my parents call Tom for free tech support. And both of them will tell you that being the go-to person for an entire family is exhausting. haha

      And you sure can ask…and Tom will answer. I have no idea. I just told him what I wanted, and he set it up, and I use it. It’s kind of like…I love having a car and driving a car, but I don’t know what makes the car work just as it should. haha I’ll make sure he answers that question on here!

  2. someday I will transition into WordPress
    someday I will use Standard Theme

    someday will only happen if I hire an assistant.
    and by hire I mean someone decides they want to work for me for free.

    any takers?
    (love the blog, the front end AND the back end!)

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