Must Love Children

A couple of weeks ago, while Kristen (my sister) and Ella (Kristen’s baby) were in town visiting from St. Louis, we all converged upon Lisa and Jonathan’s (sis-in-law and oldest brother) house to visit. It was a Thursday, so I brought Will along for the day to play with my nephew and nieces, which was a blast. (He loves older kids.) My mom was there too, and so was Roxi, one of Kristen’s best friends from high school. Kristen, Lisa, and Roxi all ran track and cross country together back in the day. Roxi and Lisa are both about 20 feet tall and 5 pounds. I’m gonna develop a complex if I keep spending time with them.

Anyway, Roxi brought her little boy, Ethan. Ethan isn’t really so little since both his parents are tall as trees. He is 2 going on 3. He looks like he’s 3 going on 4. And he’s cute as a button. He talks about himself in third person (due to Roxi saying things to him like, “Mommy wants Ethan to listen” every now and then). It was hilarious. He’d say, “Mommy, Ethan is going downstairs to play with the other kids.” And we would all try not to laugh. It was adorable.

But apparently, Ethan was also very sweet to Will and Ella. And this caught Anna Kate’s attention.

Anna Kate, age 3.75 years, loves babies. LOVES them. She wanted to give Ella a bottle. She wanted to give Will a bottle. She wanted to hold Will. (That wouldn’t have gone well, seeing as Will is quite a heavy one-year-old. I mean, she’s almost 4, and look how big he is next to her!) She has baby dolls and more baby dolls.

Later that day, after I had taken Will back home, Anna Kate approached Kristen and said, “Aunt Kristen, I have noticed that young Ethan” (YOUNG ETHAN. I died when I heard that.) “is very good with little babies and young children. Do you think…” At this point she giggled and covered her mouth. A very Anna Kate thing to do. “Do you think that young Ethan might be…MY PRINCE?!?”

I love it.

I love it so much. And I would have choked when trying not to laugh after she said all that. “Young Ethan.”

I’m telling you, every little girl should have the chance to believe she’s a princess just waiting for her version of a prince to come along. Anna Kate clearly has her prince want ad all filled out. Must be good with babies. Must love children.

Sounds about right to me.


9 thoughts on “Must Love Children”

  1. That is sooo Anna Kate–what a doll! I also love it that she said that her mommy has a prince–her daddy! I am so glad that Jonathan and Lisa have that kind of marriage even with all of the challenges of their busy lives.

  2. So precious! Such a perceptive little girl! Mama must be teaching her well! I hope Ethan continues to “love children”….I will need it in 6 months!!!! THANKS for sharing 🙂

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