Somedays, The Pictures Make The Post

I have a notebook that I keep on my bedside table. It’s where I write down my ideas for posts. Apparently, right when I am going to bed, my brain rummages around and comes up with something I want to share. But I don’t have a pen or any paper to write the idea down. By morning, that thought is long lost, and the post is gone.

So, I’ve started writing it down in my notebook. As I type this, I have about 15 different posts I could do. But here’s the thing. In each post, I have a picture. It takes time to put those pictures on my computer, pick the one I want, edit it, resize it for the site, and put it together in a way that goes well with the post.

So, even though I have plenty of things to share, I don’t have the pictures ready. Which means that instead of sharing those things, I’m telling you about how I have a BUNCH of photos sitting on my external hard drive waiting to be used and paired with a story.

And since that’s not very interesting, here’s some random info:

*As a result of being married to Tom, I have named my external hard drives. (I have 2.) The first one I called La Tienda, which means The Store. Because I store my stuff on it. Even though the “Store” via “Tienda”  is more like a shop and has nothing to do with storage, really. The second one is called Brainiac, named after a fictional character in DC Comics. Because I’m a pseudo-geek.

*Today, I am going to get a new table and chairs. Well, I’m going to the store with Will to pay for them and order it. And someday, I’ll have to show you the table it will be replacing. Goodness, what a disaster. It’s supposed to be an antique, but it’s an unsteady, breaking-to-pieces, gouged-all-over-the-surface old table. After months of keeping the leg from wobbling with a book, the whole thing just fell off.  Tom and I decided it HAD to be replaced. (I’m thinking of using the wood from the old one for some art projects. Stay tuned.) So this is our new one.

*I am SO dizzy today. And last night I had a low-grade fever. I think the two are unrelated. But let me just say, neither feels good.

*Will took two 3-hour naps yesterday. If he does that again today, I’m nominating him for best baby in the world.

*I’m 3/4ths of the way through a book right now, and I still haven’t decided if I like it.

*I am on a mission to skydive (a tandem jump) in the next 6 months. I’m forcing Tom to do it too, even though he doesn’t like heights. He’s been saying not to do it without him, but he won’t commit. So I’ve decided we’re just doing it. He’ll be glad he did once it’s done. He said, “Ah….Umm….Ugh…Ahhh…Ohh…Huhhhh…uhhh…” When I told him this. Then he said, “oooohhh boy. We’re really doing this? We’re really doing this…” I have a sneaking suspicion he’ll have the same reaction when I tell him we’re expecting a baby someday.

*That’s the way Tom and I work. I am a bit more impulsive, and he’s a bit more cautious. Sometimes he reins in my crazy. Sometimes I push him out of his comfort zone. But I’m always glad later that Tom made me slow down and reconsider my impulsive decisions, and Tom’s always (well…usually) glad that I talked him into whatever thing he wasn’t sure he wanted to do.

*Examples of things I talked him into that he was glad about later: Getting two dogs. And riding roller coasters. Going horseback riding for his first time in Jamaica where the hospitals are…well…not ideal (but he was fine!). And jumping out of an airplane.

*Speaking of, does anyone know of a REALLY great skydiving place? I’ve looked up a few, but I want to get somewhere that makes jumping out of a perfectly good airplane as safe as possible.

That is all. Still dizzy. Must lie down.


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    1. I found it at American Signature Furniture for a pretty decent price. Just a tip-they have a warranty you can purchase for $60-$70 dollars that covers it for 3 years. But our salesman gave it to us for $19. Apparently they give each salesperson a coupon to use on customers of their choice (mine picked me because I kept coming back to the store and always asked for him to make sure he got the commission.). Make sure you get your salesperson to use his coupon on you! The warranty basically covers that they’ll fix anything that happens to your furniture in the next 3 years and that if you aren’t satisfied with how they fix it, they replace it.

  1. I know a lot of people who love Skydive Atlanta, which is also the company that Henry and Will went with. They loved it! Check them out!

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