Friday Favorite: Angry Birds App

Y’all. I don’t know what the world is coming to. I mean, really, how did I ever get to a point where I even know about this app?

I don’t have an iPhone. I own an iPod, but that’s about it for Apple and me. But recently…something has been happening. I want a MacBook Pro. And Tom got an iPad. It took me all of 20 minutes before the words, “I want one!” came popping out of my mouth. I was powerless to resist.

And what was I doing during those 20 minutes? I was playing Angry Bird. (Well, Angry Bird Lite. It’s free.) If you own an iPhone or an iPad, you must play this game. SO addictive. I went through about 7 levels before making dinner last night.

You basically slingshot the birds at the pigs’ buildings, and if you get all the pigs, you move on to the next level. Here’s a quick video.

So fun!

16 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: Angry Birds App”

  1. I stay away from games like that. I am too adictive. I am bad enough with words with friends.

    You should try some of the kid games with Will.

    Animal Farms
    All the Red Fish free titles (haven’t tried the paid ones)
    Learnl finger paint
    I Hear Ewe

    Itsy Bitsy Spider

    I have more suggestions when you finish those. But these are the ones the girls still play with

    1. You rock. Seriously, I’m so glad you told me about those apps for Will! He LOVES animals, so I think he’ll love this. IF, and it’s a big if, Tom will let him play with the iPad at all. We’ll see. haha

      As for Words with Friends…what is that? I hear about it ALL the time. And I am also a junky for word games and word puzzles. How does it work?

      1. It is an iphone/ipad game like scrabble. There is also scrabble, but scrabble is $10. Scrabble is good for in person, pass around play. But Word with Friends is great for online play with friends.

      2. I am all for kids playing with ipads. But I also really support good accidental damage coverage. Applecare does not include accidental damage. I use Square Trade warranty. And look for coupons, you can often find a 30-40% and every once in a while a 50% coupon.

  2. I love Angry Birds! I knew it was bad when Jonathan and got into bed, said goodnight and then both turned away from each other and begin playing Angry Birds till the wee hours of the night. Yes, it’s that good!

    1. LOL that’s hilarious! The first time I remember hearing about Angry Birds was when you were playing it on your phone and said that you and Tyler both loved to play it. I should have known it was awesome then, if you couldn’t resist!

      1. haha, I saw the comment before I saw that Sunira wrote it and thought, “Why did Brett pretty much say the same thing again?” But then I realized it was Sunira. I’ve gotta get that game!

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