Friday Favorite: My Superman

Um…sorry y’all, but this is one Friday Favorite you CAN’T have. haha At least not as your spouse. As a friend, sure. =)

Tom has totally amazed me lately. I have one heckuva husband. I’m just sayin’.

He pretty much always is amazing, but in the last two weeks especially, he’s been such a superman.

(Don’t hate me, Tom.)

Shall I explain? Here are a few events:

*The Great Battery Blow-Out Of 2010.

A couple of Sundays ago, I was driving Tom’s car to church (mine was blocked in the garage by our friends’ car, no biggie), and I stopped for gas. When I restarted the car, there was a loud POW and smoke coming out from under the hood. I stared at it. It fixed nothing, so I got out and popped the hood and saw that the battery had cracked. Wonderful.

Thankfully, Tom was sleeping in that Sunday and planning to come to church later. (I go to the 9AM Xtreme for my middle school small group, then we go to 11AM big church. Since we had friends in town, Tom was going to take advantage of sleeping in and riding back with them.) I got a hold of Tom, and he got out the door, bought a new battery, and drove out to meet me. He replaced the battery, and I was on my way. Crisis averted.

*The Awful August Engine Screw-Up

The next week, I was driving my car home from work when it began to shake and sputter and make other upsetting noises at me. I begged God to just let me get home before it went out on me, and He was kind enough to acquiesce to my request. Tom called around and after consulting with his dad and brother, we had the problem diagnosed, a free tow for my car to get to Covington, and a family friend in Covington willing to help out with the car. So really, all the McFarlin men were pretty darn super in taking care of it. My car got hauled off Tuesday, and we’re picking it up tomorrow. Pretty quick for some people doing us a favor!

*The Rockin’ Promotion of the Year

The long and short of this is that Tom is a hard worker and is good at what he does. He would never say that, but it’s true. Any person would be lucky to have someone with Tom’s know-how and work ethic doing code for them. SO, I was extremely pleased to see that this was noticed by his boss and his boss’s bosses.  Tom has steadily moved up at work since he started in January 2008. But this time, it was different. Because his boss got promoted, and Tom was given his boss’s former position of team lead, without having to interview for the position. They didn’t even hold interviews for it like they usually do. They just decided Tom was the right person for the job. If you can’t tell I’m bursting with pride, then you’re probably not paying attention. I am so, SO proud of him, and I know how much he deserves this position. YAY!

On top of all of that, Tom has been working his booty off as a member of the  8BIT team, some talented guys we both think are awesome,  and he’s been doing some of his own work for clients of Forty-Second Solutions, his LLC. And he still manages to spend time with me and the dogs, be a part of our church and small group, hang out with friends, and keep up with running and working out (which he enjoys, the freak). I don’t know how he does it all. But I’m glad he does.

Just call me Lois Lane.


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  1. Two things:

    1) You KNOW Tom loved the Superman picture. I mean, come on.

    2) You are not allowed to drive my car. Ever.

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