The Help

When you were growing up, did you hover around the kitchen any time your mom made something sweet? I did. Anytime my mom or my sister went to work on a dessert, I was there, wanting to be a part of it. Specifically the tasting part.

And as a result, I learned to make chocolate chip cookies, blonde brownies, and other treats over the years. I was put to work stirring, usually, sometimes adding chocolate chips, until I was old enough to make these treats on my own. I’m sure I wasn’t that great of a help, but I was still paid in the currency of spoons with batter on them once they were done being used. And that’s great payment since both my mom and my sister are fabulous cooks and bakers.

When visiting with Lisa and her kiddos the other day, I saw this being repeated in the next generation. All of Lisa and Jonathan’s girls were eager to help Lisa make some peanut butter pies. After a while, Madeline had her fill and wandered off. But Anna Kate and Violet stayed put. It wasn’t long before I pulled out my camera to capture the looks of total satisfaction one gets from sampling a dessert before you “should.”

“Finger-lickin’ Good” for Anna Kate.

“So Good You Can’t Look At It” for Violet.

Overall, the pies were a success. And I’m sure it’s because of all that help Lisa had. Anna Kate looks like she was saving some for later…

I love peanut butter pie. But even more than that, I love the sweet, little peanuts that helped make it. What great helpers!


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