We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Program For A Weekend Of Crazy

Instead of a Friday Favorite, today, I’m just telling you what’s going on and asking for some prayer. (Nothing bad has happened to me or Tom.)

As I mentioned in July, I’ve begun leading a group of sixth graders in North Point’s Xtreme small groups along with Janet, a mom, and Skylar, a sophomore in high school. I also mentioned that we have 21 girls in our group. Oh, and I said I might be crazy.

So, one month later, what do I think? Well, Janet and Skylar rock. Xtreme is an amazing environment, and I wish all churches had something like this for their middle schoolers, the kids most likely to slip through the cracks as far as adults’ attention goes. The 21 girls are cute, sweet, and display a wide range of personalities. Oh, and I might be crazy. Coo-Coo. Nuts.

And that might be to my advantage. Because, when the band plays the worship music, I’m not worried about jumping up and down as I sing along. Because, when I’m in a room full of girls who barely know me, I’m comfortable cracking jokes and leading discussion. Because I just committed to a group of kids I had never met for three years. And because most of them are almost already my height, and I’m not bothered by that.

But here’s what scares me (some) and excites me (a lot). Boot Camp.


Boot Camp, they say, is a weekend with your kids that is as good as a year’s worth of Sundays as far as bonding and spiritual growth are concerned. It’s just for the 6th graders. (The older middle school kids have a different event to attend later.) Most of these kids have never been away from home for a camp, and now they are taking off with their small groups to spend a weekend playing, praying, worshiping, and learning about God, each other, and how it all fits together. Obviously, you want as many kids in your small group to attend as possible. We have over half our group attending, plus some of their friends are tagging along. It’s this weekend, and I’m pumped.

Overall, North Point, Buckhead, and Browns Bridge have 600 sixth grade kids attending Boot Camp this year. That’s amazing! And, another cool thing is that only about 8 of the adults that will be there are on staff for those churches. All the others are volunteers who lead these kids in small groups and are committed to them. I don’t say that to boast about my involvement but because I’m so excited about how God has raised up enough people in these churches to meet the demand of how many kids are coming to church and needing spiritual leaders to invest in them. And don’t forget, most small groups will probably not be 100% in attendance at Boot Camp. There are a LOT more than 600 kids in sixth grade attending Xtreme.

But, as excited as I am about this weekend and about how God is going to use it, I’m already expecting to have little sleep and lots going on. I’m pretty much facing a weekend of exhaustion, followed by another work week before I can actually get some rest. So, I could use some prayer. I just want to be able to keep focus on what’s going on with these girls and not let being tired distract from that at all. I also would really appreciate y’all praying that if these girls are not sure about becoming Christians, that this weekend would be a really positive experience for their faith, even to the point of a decision. Thanks, y’all!

Happy Friday!

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  1. Well I’m cheering for you on the sidelines!! You are going to do GREAT and no matter the amount of exhaustion, your commitment is going to pay off for *far* longer. So proud of you and how you’re going to impact these girls šŸ™‚

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