Amazon Gift Card Winner And What I Learned At Camp

The Winner of the “Home” Photo Competition

Thanks to everyone who voted, left comments, and especially to those who entered in the “Home” Photo competition. LoLa will be posting more themed photo competitions in the future, so please enter again, and if you missed the chance to enter this time, enter next time! Also, I’m thinking of having a second place prize as well in future contests.

A quick note: Don’t forget to take advantage of social networks, email, etc. for future competitions.  If friends know you are in a contest, oftentimes they want to help you out, so don’t be afraid to ask!

And now for the winner. Congratulations to Kristen Sagar! You are the winner of a $15 Amazon Gift Card, and you’ll be receiving it shortly. Bunny Towels on a cute baby with her daddy are hard to resist. Jay Caruso was in second place with his beautiful shot of the NYC skyline.

What I Learned at Boot Camp

Wow. So many things. I actually need to do a different post about Boot Camp, but here are a few quick things:

*I don’t have the body I used to have, so jumping up and down every time a song plays like I used to at punk concerts in my teen years…I’m still paying for it. I feel like I was beaten up and down my body. Especially my legs.

*I still lose my voice quite easily if I scream cheers. My throat = pain.

*R-O-M-E-O is the way you spell Romeo. Which happens to be the “company” I was in. And part of a chant we seemed to yell nonstop. Every company knew our cheer by 3 hours into camp Friday night.

*Eating camp food will make me sick after a couple of days.

*North Point puts on camps that are as great as their Sunday youth programs or better.

*I can get some serious speed when I get a running start and dive head first onto a slip-n-slide downhill.

*My girls are the sweetest junior high girls I have ever met. Actually, I’m not sure they’re in junior high. Because I never knew girls could be this nice to each other at that stage of life.

*I am in love with my co-leaders and would have not been able to survive this weekend without their teamwork.

*It’s possible to keep up with 19 eleven-year-old girls for an entire weekend on only 10 hours of interrupted sleep. But you will pay for it by crashing on any non-moving surface when you get home.

*At a camp with that many kids, you should plan to have more than one nurse. I’m just sayin’. She was overworked.

*Which is why I didn’t bother her with the multiple scratches I got on my legs and bee stings on my feet. And because that’s just par for course for me. Accident Prone is my middle name.

*Loose gravel is a poor decision for landscaping a camp for kids. Or me. I definitely did an awkward, fall/catch-myself/keep sliding/twist-my-ankle/weird-split-thing on a hill on the way to dinner with my girls. Laughing it off and walking it off are two very important parts of my existence.

*Sixth graders will do some gross stuff in games so they can win. But they will freak out if you find a mouse in the cabin.

*I can burn 3,000 calories in a day when keeping up with my girls. I hope this means I’ll be a skinny person when I have an 11-year-old of my own someday.

*Every lost minute of sleep, every sore muscle, every bug bite, every sting, and every banged up body part is worth the bonding and the spiritual growth you see in your group over just a few days.

*I love my church.


8 thoughts on “Amazon Gift Card Winner And What I Learned At Camp”

  1. Oh, and thanks for the votes, everyone! Ella told me that she plans to use her winnings to buy Anna Kate (her cousin) a Barbie doll for her birthday in a couple of weeks. It’s a secret, though, so don’t tell Anna Kate!

    1. They sure did. The other counselors were quite amused that I grew up in Covington. Only the ones who grew up in small towns or on farms or wished that they had could really appreciate it. haha

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