Charlotte is one of my favorite girl names. And, it’s also the name that one of my best friends, Esther, named her baby girl, who was born yesterday. Since I think Charlotte is going to be one of my favorite little girls (just like my nieces) on the planet, I’m glad she has an awesome name.

I told y’all about Esther’s baby shower. But what I didn’t tell you is that a few months into being pregnant, they learned that Charlotte has spina bifida. This changed the ball game for the birth. Esther was hoping for a natural childbirth, but instead she had to have a c-section. They also had to plan for Charlotte to go into surgery at some point shortly after the birth and to have her in the NICU to recover.

Understandably, this was a shock and a bit scary for Esther and Ben (her hubby) as they adjusted to the changes. But their faith that God had chosen them as the parents for this sweet baby and that she is indeed “fearfully and wondefully made” has been such a source of comfort and joy to them. She has blogged about her pregnancy journey here. There has been an outpouring of love and support for their new family as people from Georgia, where Esther grew up, and from Alabama, where Ben grew up and they both live now, have been praying for them without ceasing, touching base online and on the phone to show their love, and trying to figure out when we can get out there to meet this beauty they brought into the world.

Would you all, please, give a prayer for Charlotte and Esther as they both will be recovering from surgery, and for Ben and Esther as they adjust to being new parents? I know they would appreciate prayers during this time of recovery and transition.

So, I just have to tell you that my eyes filled with tears when I got the chance to see the pictures Ben’s sister, Beth, took of Esther meeting her daughter for the first time, after waiting for 5 hours post c-section. She had only seen her for a second during the c-section surgery, then Charlotte was whisked away. Look at how overwhelmed she was with love for her baby girl as they wheeled her into the room.

Charlotte was over the incubation. She wanted her mama!

Sweet, sweet Charlotte. I hope that as you grow, you’ll realize how many people have loved you and prayed for you since you were just a little one growing in your mommy’s belly. I can’t wait to hold you and love on you, you precious girl.

“I have not stopped giving thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers.” -Ephesians 1:16


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