Friday Favorite: Southern Savers

Y’all. I have talked to you about coupon sites before. But I HAD NO IDEA. Really. I had no idea how to really work the system. Until recently.

Despite me painting her son in chalk and posting pictures of him crying in the yard online, Asher’s mom, Audrey, was cool enough to explain to me how to really make couponing worth it. And I’ve been LOVING it. She referred me back to Southern Savers. I already knew about, but I had no idea how helpful it could really be. The site costs you nothing to use, and she (the lady who runs the site) even explains how to best take advantage of it and of your coupons. If you’re new to couponing but are interested, read this. You don’t have to be in the South to take advantage, by the way. Anywhere there’s a store she has listed on the site, there’s a deal to be had.

A short review:

To really take advantage, you must stack coupons and understand (for drugstores) about how to get “cash” back from the store to cover your purchases over and over. As for stacking coupons, that means, use multiple coupons for the same item. Buy two Sunday papers if you can, and save the inserts. (Although, THIS SUNDAY they are supposed to NOT HAVE COUPONS in the paper. So save your money.) You might not need that coupon now, but in 2 months, when Southern Savers tells you where the item is on sale and where to get more coupons for it, you can clip it, use them all at once, and BAM pay almost nothing for something great. You also have to be able and willing to print coupons because coupon sites are where a lot of the “stacking” coupons become available. And realize that Kroger and Publix both double coupons that are worth $0.50 or less.

Drugstores work a little differently, but they can be a goldmine of freebies. It can be confusing though. I know I thought it seemed impossible to get a good deal out of those marked-up drugstore products. So you want to read about how to make it work to your advantage before marching in with a fistful of coupons. For example, here is a link to her explanation of how to make CVS work to your advantage.

When couponing anywhere, you might have to deal with people being impatient behind you in line (but, whatever, they’d do it too if they knew they could save that much money), cashiers who don’t always want to work with your stack of coupons, and (this is no maybe) the time it takes you to go through your coupons before shopping. But again, let me just say it’s worth it. The longer you save coupons, the more you have to pull from, and the more money you can save. It’s awesome.

So, Has It Worked For Me?

I’ve been “couponing” the way you’re supposed to for about 3 weeks now. The second week, Tom and I totally forgot to get the Sunday paper at the store. I also only tend to restock on groceries every other week. So my “total” for the week can actually be split in half for a weekly rate.

My first time going “couponing,” I saved almost $50. But this Wednesday? I saved $86!!!! I got $225.95 worth of groceries, toiletries, and cleaning supplies (Woolite Oxy Deep carpet cleaner-because I am clumsy and spill sometimes, Swiffer duster refills, Swiffer dry sweeping cloth refills, Joy liquid dish soap, and more), and even medicine like Zyrtec- all for $139.93. I go to the store 2x a month lately. That’s $69.97 per week split between this week and next. I know that’s not SO out there, like $30 a week for a family of 5 like some people can do. But I’m still new to this, and I think getting nice brands for almost free rocks. I also will buy store brands for some items to save money if I think it’s just as good quality and if it’s still a better deal than the name-brands after coupons.

Y’all NEED to check out It explains how it all works, and TRUST ME it’s worth it! After learning how much money I can save, I really feel like not doing this would make me a bad steward of our family’s money. I love learning this now, because when we have kids, I feel like this will be a huge help in cutting costs. (You should see the insane amount of diaper coupons out there.) Overall, it’s just a wise thing to do to save money that you’d be spending on the same stuff anyway.

Check it out.


7 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: Southern Savers”

  1. I have been taking advantage of Southern Savers for quite a while now. I love this site. I go to this site more than any other coupon site. I saved $91 on my grocery bill this past weekend, by taking advantage of in store deals and coupons. Love it!!!!

  2. Cool site. I love deals sites. While I haven’t gotten around to convincing myself that coupon cutting is worth my time yet, I’m sure stuff like this will be of great use in the future. I literally walk in the store, no buggy, pick up the five or six things I need for the week and walk out. I like to spend 5 – 15 mins max in the grocery store. Kinda because I don’t like crowds and screamy kids. So maybe I’ll never -grocery- coupon.

    BUT. That doesn’t mean I don’t like saving a pretty penny.
    I shop a lot online so I love looking for good coupon deals. There’s a couple of very good sites I use I’d like to share.

    1. – Kinda gear related but I’ve saved a couple thousand dollars by scanning this site whenever I need to buy something. If I need a new hard drive i just wait until a deal shows up on slickdeals and save quite a lot. – This site is pretty dang amazing. If you’re looking to buy something off a specific site, like or something, then just plug it in here and bam coupon codes! Since you like photobooks, they have good codes for pretty much every photo product site out there. Just yesterday I saved 70 dollars off one of my premium photobooks by using a coupon code from retailmenot that was supposed to have “expired” but clearly had not.
    3. – a slightly more disorganized retailmenot. However, they sometimes have coupon codes that retailmenot doesn’t. Since both sites are community run, it’s worth it to check them both out.

    Saving money is pretty awesome. 🙂

    1. I’ve never heard of before, so I’m gonna check it out. I’ve used the other two though, and I LOVE retailmenot. A lot of times, I’ll combine different codes until I’ve gotten three stacked up and can’t get any more free stuff out of a site. haha With Lancome, you can only use one code per check out, so I will try different codes and look at the different freebies until I decide which will get me the most free stuff that I’ll actually use, then I check out. It’s awesome.

  3. I am on week 4 of doing this and loving it. When I get out of a store I cannot wait to call and tell someone how much I saved.

  4. Oooo…this looks like it would actually work! Wish we had more of the “southern” stores in our areas – Target is really the only thing we have. I miss Publix sooooo bad!

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