Nobody Knows The (Car) Troubles I’ve Seen

But they’re about to. Here goes:

A few months ago, my tire blew out while I was out and about with Will.

A few weeks ago, my engine threw up some important parts and had to be repaired.

The day it was repaired, someone ran into the back, left panel of my car while it sat, parked, in the parking lot of the auto shop.

Eleven days later, we got a chance to pick it up, looking like it had never been hit.

The next day, a friend accidentally backed into the driver’s door and mirror. I didn’t get mad, because, clearly, it was an accident, and said friend already knew about all my previous car problems and felt awful for extending them. I just laughed. At this point, it’s really all there was to do. We’re still trying to figure out when/where to get it fixed.

Then, this morning, Tom called me while I was in the shower and said his car had completely died while he was driving in 4 lanes of morning-commute traffic.

Are you kidding me? Are the car elves sneaking into our garage at night and putting trouble magnets on our cars?? I mean, what is going on?

We take our cars to get their oil changed regularly. In fact, Tom was just telling me yesterday about his plans to take his car in for that this weekend. We keep them filled with gas. We try to take care of them. Why is this happening all in a sudden? It’s annoying to the point of funny. I’m seriously not even upset. Just tired of bleeding money over these cars. And I’m grateful we can afford the repairs. Just not sure why we keep needing them.

Thank goodness, no one hit Tom, and he’s okay. Some police officers helped him get a tow truck and a taxi to work. Yes. A taxi. I didn’t even know we had those out here. Anyway, the car will be fixed today, and Tom has a kind co-worker dropping him off to pick it up after work. All of these things, I am grateful for.

But really, what is going on?

I don’t think I can take any more of this nonsense.


Time to straighten up, cars. Or else.


9 thoughts on “Nobody Knows The (Car) Troubles I’ve Seen”

  1. Unfortunately, as cars age, things start to go wrong with them. Changing the oil and doing regular maintenance certainly helps. My 2003 Accord is running great, but I had AC problems to deal with and I am sure at some point I will be dealing with other issues now that I am over 100,000 miles.

    1. I’ve got a 2001 Accord – something’s up with the v6 models where the engine mounts have to be replaced. I believe mine were done around 120,000. This is like a “known issue” in that model. You may wanna mention that to your mechanic next time you’re in just in case.

      Haven’t had to deal with lack of AC, though. At least not yet…

  2. Naomi’s car is in the shop right now. Not as bad as what’s going on with your car, but of course they found a bunch of stuff that needs to be done to it… =/

    Cars make me consider riding a bike more.

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