Hello, Stranger.

Tom and I went to our first gathering of our new small group last night. It went really well, and we like all the couples. I’m not saying that lightly-it’s a huge group (8 couples plus a couple leading it), and everyone got along well. We pretty much just socialized and tried to get to know one another better.


One “getting to know you” game we did was one that had each person tear off toilet paper from a roll, pull each square apart, and then pass it two people to the left. However many squares was handed to you was the number of things you had to tell the group about yourself.

I had 5 things that I shared with them, and as I thought over those things later, it occurred to me that all the “random” stuff I shared that no one would probably guess just by looking at me is stuff that anyone who reads this blog would already know. In fact, since there were only 5 things to share, there are more things you know about me than they do.

You know I am accident prone, love photography and am trying to learn more about it, and love to sing. You know I have allergies (well, maybe that’s news to you. But I do. I’m always sneezing/coughing/sniffing.), how I met Tom, and that I taught Spanish to pre-schoolers for a year and a half. You know I love kids and that I nanny. You know I would be working for the zoo if I could get normal weekends. You know I’ve done p90x, and, sadly, how my backfat looks when I’m not working out or before I start a workout program. You know that I sleep walk/talk/punch/etc. You know I love shoes. You know that Tom and I thought about starting a family this year and then changed our minds. You know I have a garden and very little idea of what I’m doing with it. You know all about my car problems.

You know a lot of things about me. Because even though I don’t mind the average stranger knowing these things, I don’t typically share them the first time I meet someone. I will, however, start a blog and start spilling out all of this random information about myself online where anyone could read it.

This is a strange world we live in.

Make me feel a little less insane, please, and share some info about yourselves that people wouldn’t know just from looking at you.


12 thoughts on “Hello, Stranger.”

  1. Hah, you think you’re bad? I have a personal Livejournal which I’ve written in almost everyday since 2004. While most of it is private, if anyone got their hands on it, my life, relationships, thoughts, feelings and regrets would be at their fingertips. Kinda scary huh?

    Hmm… something people wouldn’t know just from looking at me?

    I’ve been working on a fantasy novel for two years now. I started in college and I’m writing it very slowly. When I’m done I plan on publishing it on lulu.com.

    1. I thought about having a blog like that. Like a diary that I wouldn’t tell anyone about but online. Tom convinced me not to do that, though, haha. He figured it would be followed back to me somehow.

      So cool that you’re writing a book!! I had no idea. I want to read it! =)

      1. I thought about that but the whole reason I put it online was that when I had hard copies I would write in, my mom or someone would find them and then I’d be in trouble. Haha in 4th grade I “liked” a boy who was really nice and my mom found my journal and gosh that’s like the worst thing for an Indian mom to find. So I learned quickly that online in paid storage is my best bet in terms of privacy. I gotta write! 🙂

        The novel gets more pages during NaNoWriMo than any other time. I’m not pushing myself. Still, would like to finish it with the story swirling in my head. Thank god for Evernote. 🙂

        1. Yeah, I believe that. My sister had a special, hollowed out shelf in the house I grew up in, and I would keep my diaries locked in a trunk in my room. I threw them all away when I got older though. I didn’t feel like reading over them again, and I certainly didn’t want anyone else to read them.

    1. Oh, I know, Brett. The only reason you and any of the other readers who know of me via Tom’s old blog ever come to my blog is to see if Tom has guest posted. Even if all he guest posts about is my sleep-talking. 😉

      Actually, I do kinda think that. But I don’t mind.

      1. I can’t speak for the others, but I read for the better McFarlin side that is Meghan. Though I can’t always relate (e.g. The vagisil for diaper rash post), Loquacious Lady is under “Must Read” in my Google Reader.

        1. Aww, really? That’s so nice! Thank you, Brett. I did seriously think that most dudes who read my blog only did so because of Tom, but it’s nice to know that what I say counts too! haha And don’t worry, a lot of girls I know don’t have any use for the diaper rash post either. Not yet anyway. But when we’re all parents, y’all will thank me! 😉

  2. Random facts about me:

    1) He who shall not be named (but who is not my husband) calls me the “Oasis of Love.” Still not sure how that joke got started.
    2) I always paint my toenails red. Always.
    3) I have a crazy psycho dog. When he eats something he shouldn’t, I stick my hands into his mouth and dig it out. This scares my husband a lot, because our dog has big pointy teeth.
    4) I love the food network.
    5) I like lists. Can’t you tell?

    1. You DO always paint your toenails red. Hmm. Never thought about that before. And I don’t think Max would bite you. He’s a big sweetie towards his family. As for the Oasis of Love…I think that started when I was in high school and Tom and I had joked about him liking your Chocolate Chip Cookies better than mine. You were the oasis in the desert of my love. Or something. lol

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